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[In the 1980s when I got to South Africa, before PC's existed, and before PC strategy games existed, I used to be into board wargaming on hexagon maps. I loved it. I found it fascinating for my interest in history. I struggled to find anyone else interested in it, so I played the games against myself. I still have all my board wargames. I am attached to them!!! I am astounded that this guy is making wargames, and even more interestingly, games that can be played in an hour! Jan]

Peter’s English Civil War Campaign for One Hour Wargames

By Steven Thomas on 9 May 2020 | Last Updated 10 May 2020

You might remember that Peter of Grid based wargaming inspired my Terrain Cards. Terrain cards were actually part of Peter’s Campaign set in the English Civil War (see Grid Based Wargaming – ECW). There is quite a lot to this campaign – Peter wrote something like 45 posts on it and played 30 games. I love it. Tons of inspiration. And I appreciate the obsessive element that saw Peter completing this project – I think it took him 18 months.

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