Newspaper listed the (known) assets of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

[This South African Newspaper published some of the (known) assets of Mugabe in 2017. He was worth much much more than the lying Govt of Zimbabwe is saying. Jan]

We break down how much ‘the poorest president in the world’ is actually worth.

Here is a look at some of the assets Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe owns.

R56-million Hong Kong mansion

The luxury villa is set among the green hills of Hong Kong’s New Territories, and is said to be one of Grace Mugabe’s favourite properties.

R138-million Zimbabwe mansion

Considered more of a palace, the property is located in Harare. Nicknamed the Blue Roof, it features 25 bedrooms, a large outdoor pool, two lakes, a massive dining room that can seat more than 30 guests, a large master bedroom with super king-size bed and a multimillion-dollar radar system.

R660-million England palace

Mugabe is said to own Hamilton Palace in Sussex, England, with his business associate, Nicolas Van Hoogstraten. The mansion is now a dangerous construction site.

Farm empire

In 2000, Mugabe seized 15 000 hectares of land from white farmers. He allegedly converted some of the farms into personal retreats.

R16-million Mercedes Benz S600L

The vehicle was custom-built in Germany to Mugabe’s specifications. The car is able to withstand AK-47 bullets, landmines and grenades. It also features a CD and DVD player, internet access and anti-bugging devices.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

This colonial-era British luxury car is so exclusive, only 18 were ever manufactured. It is not clear how much the state Rolls-Royce Phantom IV is worth that Mugabe owns. However, it should suffice to say that the vintage black car is probably worth more than Zimbabwe’s entire GDP.

Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Co.

The company was created to oversee the production of Zimbabwe’s Diamond markets, which are controlled by Mugabe and his government.

The company invested R420 million in kimberlite mining and plant equipment from South Africa, and paid R70 million to buy out Russian mining diamond firm DTZ-OZGEO.

R18-million ring

Grace sued a Lebanese businessman for failing to deliver the diamond ring she ordered for her wedding anniversary. The ring was apparently meant to be Mugabe’s gift to his wife for their 20th anniversary.


Mugabe’s sons, Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine, were reportedly paying R500 000 a month for an apartment in Dubai before moving to South Africa, where they rented a flat in Rivonia.

They paid R70 000 a month for the property before they were kicked out after a drunken brawl that left a security guard injured.

Chatunga indulges in expensive champagne. This is seen in a video he livestreamed while sipping Ace of Spades champagne, which can cost R7 000 a bottle.

A video emerged last week of Chatunga pouring a R3 700 bottle of champagne over his diamond-encrusted watch that his father bought for him. He claimed the watch was worth R850 000.

It was estimated that Robert Mugabe has a net worth of R140 million. However, a quick calculation of the aforementioned assets bumps up his worth to a minimum of R1.3 billion.


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