EXCELLENT: The South still packs a punch! Black man scared shitless … by a (poisoned??) LETTER!!!!


[I was grinning from ear to ear when I read this in a Dixie newsletter sent to me. So some white guys sent a black guy a letter with some confederate stickers on the envelope and, more ominous one of the stamps was UPSIDE DOWN!!! 

He ran to the Police, registered this as a hate crime and said he feared there was some deadly poison in the letter. The Police have not opened a case because the black man who owns the business is not co-operative!!! 
I'm sitting here just having a good laugh. If this is what a letter can do… then goodness me… whites should begin sending more letters with a few Confederate stickers on them. It seems to me you'll almost be giving these spoilt brat blacks heart attacks! 
So Southern gents … 155 years after your war … you're still scaring these blacks shitless. Of course, this is utterly ridiculous. But this is a perfect example of the kind of FEAR we whites can inspire. Rest assured, the Jews are still scared shitless whenever they hear words like “Hitler” and “NAZI” … then they know THE EUROPEANS ARE COMING TO PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE! 
FEAR! Works excellently, and white men … if you aren't scaring your enemies, then you're doing it … WRONG!!! This made my day. Too funny. Jan]


The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has opened “a preliminary inquiry into the validity of a letter” covered in pro-Confederate stickers sent to a Summerville activist.

The envelope was addressed to “Senor” Louis Smith, the executive director of the Community Resource Center. On it, there were a half dozen Confederate flags and pro-Confederate stickers. Smith said he never opened it.

“I saw the letter, and I evacuated. I told all my personnel to leave, and I isolated the letter,” Smith said. “It was that suspicious, and it was thick and what was on the letter was really disturbing: an upside down Lincoln stamp.”

Some of the other stickers read: “Freedom, Independence, and Judeo-Christian Liberty,” “Secession: The Right Thing To Do,” and “As far as YOU are concerned, Gun Control is using BOTH Hands!”

A Summerville police officer and a Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived to the scene not long after.

“Smith advised the deputy that he had received a suspicious letter in the mail [on Friday], and he was concerned that it may be filled with Risen or another poison,” the incident report said. “Smith advised the deputy that he had called the Dorchester County Sheriff’s office because he did not want the Summerville Police Department involved and that he wanted the DCSO to contact the FBI to test the letter.”

The officer took photos of it and submitted them into evidence. The department is not opening an investigation at this time, because they say Smith did not want to work with them.

“This is a hate crime,” Smith said. “You don’t send a letter to a Black-owned business with that type of literature on it.”

Last year, Smith found a Confederate flag and a note with his name on it at the center.

“It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to see this was an escalation,” Smith said. “This is a severe escalation, and it needs to stop. The authorities need to come forth and say, ‘Enough is enough.’”

Smith said SLED agents picked up the letter on Saturday.


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