Jewish imprisonment of Whites: Update from Monica Schaefer: Ursula, Sylvia and Horst – Political Prisoners Upd ate


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[Here's an update of the madness and Jewish insanity of Germany. Jan]

Three of our political prisoners in Germany are soon to be released from their prison cells out into…. the open air prison of Corona World.

It needs be said and repeated: these political prisoners are incarcerated for words. They have reached different conclusions about our world and about history from what is prescribed in the mainstream. They had the nerve to talk about it. They are in jail for words. Peaceful expression of ideas, facts, conclusions. Simply words. The truth.

The information in this brief update is what I have gathered to be accurate to the best of my knowledge. If there are errors, please let me know in the comments.

downloadHorst Mahler will be released October 27, 2020 from the Brandenburg / Havel prison. He has been in jail for over 10 years in total. Despite his poor health, the “authorities” never relented in their persecution of Horst.

OIPUrsula Haverbeck will be released November 5, 2020 from Bielefeld prison. She is over 90 years old. It seems political prisoners never get early parole. She will be in court again on November 17, 2020, in Berlin.

OIP-2Sylvia Stolz was given an 18 month jail sentence which began May 23, 2019. That should mean a release date of November 23, 2020.

Those three political prisoners will be “free”, thank God.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.34.01 PMAlfred Schaefer still sits in jail, just over half way through a 4 year sentence. Address here.

OIP-3Hervé Ryssen is a prolific writer in France who has just recently been incarcerated. His books tell the truth about those who wish to enslave us all.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.48.29 AMMatt Hale has been in prison for 17 years in the USA, for a crime he did not commit. He also is a political prisoner, facing a 40 year sentence.

This list is not at all comprehensive. There are more. These are only the ones I am most familiar with.

These political prisoners are heroes one and all, for having the courage to speak truth in an age of deceit.


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