JEWS AT WORK? USA: My Email: Black Violence is never spontaneous someone is always secretly planning & driving it


[I wrote this to Billy Roper of the SWN. Jan]

Hi Billy,I’m going to post this on my website. I agree with you this is no "false flag". Too many white Americans are deluding themselves thinking that EVERYTHING is a "false flag" and thereby they are making enormous errors as to what our real strengths are and which are our errors. Confused "military analysis" is VERY BAD and will make our people MAKE THE WRONG MOVES. We have a LOT of this going on in South Africa. Tons of it. But, I do excuse some of it, because many whites are NEW to the concept that a war is being waged on them inside their own country. However, with time, this needs to be corrected. I support your stand and your analysis that this is no false flag. And, knowing Alex Linder’s take on this, he also does not think these things are false flags. These things are very real.

I was just looking on brighteon and I saw 2 short videos: (1) Blacks blowing up an ATM with explosives that apparently come from China (2) Someone left a whole pallette of bricks for blacks to use.

Billy, these things are no accident. Someone is arming these blacks. I would ask questions like: Where/how did the blacks get the explosives and knowledge to blow up an ATM. You do not just come across that type of info in a normal situation. Where is the money and stuff coming from for this? Who ordered the pallette of bricks to be delivered? These are just 2 quick observations I’ve made. But I urge people to look very closely at the violence and what methods and means the blacks are using, and let’s see what they are using and where on earth this could be coming from. How do we know that JEWS are not arranging some of these things? That would not surprise me.

There was that Jewish actress who said a few days ago that she supports the black violence and she calls for race war! WTF?

Where is the FBI and DHS to investigate all this violence and the real sources for it?

I was in Mafikeng in South Africa 2 years ago when the blacks were going totally violent. It was the most violence I have ever seen in South Africa. I’ve not even published the photos of that. Blacks were setting fire to buildings and damaging the roads. While I was there, a black tried to open the door of the vehicle I was in. Blacks were openly running amuck. I went to buildings that were totally smashed inside. I went to a gas station where the blacks had blown up an ATM and where they had torn apart the shop at the gas station. Billy, that shop, which was pretty big was torn apart. They broke everything – fridges, etc.

Then I went to where the ATM was blown up. I had a good look at it. I asked them how it was that the blacks had blown up a whole very strong ATM. I was told that the blacks had used a gas bottle and lit it. Then the question begs itself: How did the blacks find out how to do this?

I have looked closely at a number of places where blacks have been violent. I was in munsieville where blacks burned whites houses down and tore the town apart. The night before, bus loads of blacks were seen coming in, and blacks were busy ripping up part of the railway line I think to get steel for weapons. Who was bringing in bus loads of blacks? Who paid for this?

I could go on an on Billy. These things do not just fall out of the sky. Blacks cannot just run amuck, especially if they start having molotov cocktails and start using tactics. In south africa blacks are taught to dig holes in the road and to roll rocks into the roads and to set fire to tyres. This is to prevent millitary/police vehicles from moving around. These are TACTICS that blacks were taught and evolved over time.

You folks must look VERY VERY CAREFULLY at what is happening, and look to see who is organising this. If huge numbers of blacks begin running around … for example. Jews and Communists, have for DECADES been FAKING IT in Africa that Blacks are running amuck because "they are tired of oppression". This is pure rubbish. RUBBISH. In EACH CASE, the South African Communist Party and many other Communist/Jew organisations WERE ORGANISING IT. I have seen how people do politics. I once helped black Zimbabweans organise anti-mugabe protests. It is VERY DIFFICULT to move large numbers of people. With the blacks especially, you need to put them on buses here in Africa. If you want to bring even 100 blacks into a place, it requires ORGANISATION. You have to gather them, you have to get them to a place where they are picked up, you have to drive them to the place. You have to prepare banners, etc.This costs a LOT OF MONEY. When HUNDREDS or thousands or tens of thousands of blacks go crazy IT IS NOT SPONTANEOUS!!! I REPEAT, here in Africa, we’ve seen this thousands of time. THIS IS NO SPONTANEOUS. SOMEONE IS ORGANISING IT. Who are the people sending out these messages and planning these things?

When these "riots spread from city to city". I do not buy it that this is just spontaneous. We need to see how the blacks are communicating and how this is actually working.

I HAVE NEVER YET COME ACROSS BLACK VIOLENCE THAT WAS SPONTANEOUS! NEVER! IN EVERY INSTANCE, from farm invasions to riots, it was ALWAYS ORGANISED. There was ALWAYS a political organisation behind it, and that includes money, weapons, tactics, etc.

SPONTANEOUS VIOLENCE is one of the biggest lies that Jews try to fool the Western world with. There is no such thing.

Notice too, ANTIFA seemed to be coordinating with the blacks … WHAT IS GOING ON THERE?

Whites in the USA must dig deep. There’s something else at work. There may be several different enemy organisations within (probably all influenced or controlled or funded by Jews), which come together and make this stuff happen.


As I think back now, in all my years of researching history and violence, I have only come across ONE instance of SPONTANEOUS black violence. It occurred in 1949, in Durban, South Africa where Indians (East Indians you would call them), maltreated a black zulu child. The blacks have a relationship with indians that has an almost identical dynamic to whites and jews. The blacks got enraged with yet another instance of Indian maltreatment, and that evening the Zulus began attacking the Indians and as it spread the blacks were saying they were doing to exterminate the Indians. The Boers then sent in the Police and spent the night shooting Zulus thereby preventing a genocide of the Indians (silly thing to do, we should have left the Zulus to kill the Indians). That is the ONLY instance that I have come across of true, spontaneous violence by blacks.

Every instance up to the present, it was ORGANISED and PAID FOR. People were PLANNING IT. PLANNING IT!!! In your country, the movement from city to city was probably similarly planned. Violence, is too complex a thing for it to happen naturally, especially with Police around. People need to gather and communicate and work together. It is exceptionally rare for it to happen all by itself.

Your country probably has far too many dangerous, anti-American organisations in it, which have been left alone to operate and I will bet you Jews are pulling strings.

Whites must study closely the LOGISTICS of the violence. I’m sure there are patterns. One needs to find the puppeteers. These idiotic blacks are only too happy to "show their anger" and to get an opportunity to steal without getting caught. But the real organisers need to be found by your Police and arrested or exposed by the Alt Right Media. This is how we whites in Africa managed to keep something of a handle on things for decades – by finding the leaders and puppeteers, and jailing them or killing them outright. Of course, the pyramid goes up and up ever higher…

In your country, the open co-operation of Jews, Communists and Liberals against whites is a very dangerous thing. These idiotic, moronic blacks are just happy to be the tools of someone else. They don’t know and they don’t care, being the irresponsible fools they are – who should not even be allowed inside Western civilisation.

It saddens me to see this enormous chaos and damage in your country. But as you point out, it will not go away. It will only get worse.

I agree with your analysis that the future is balkanization, racial strife, more killing of whites (many more horrific things will happen to white women and children, sadly). In the end, Jews are setting your country up for internal war. They’ll do it. They don’t care. They’ve done it in dozens and dozens of Western nations.

As someone said, if you have a Black or Muslim problem, its because you have a Jew problem. (e.g. in South Africa, Muslims are actually law abiding. They used to be a force for law an order! They used to destroy drug dealers, etc – then the black Govt stopped them!!!!).

The Jew… will make the blood run in your country. It is my observation that in every country where there are a lot of Jews, THE BLOOD RUNS. Without fail. In every country where they are a large number. And in the USA where you have almost half the world’s Jews … you people are in for a nightmare the likes of which I dread for you. You people think the last war you had was the "civil war". No, you’re getting another war. A race war, on your own soil. I see you as the next battle ground after South africa. Even before europe is a battle ground. The blood will run in your nation as it tears itself apart.

Just look at how the Jews poured into South Africa for the gold and diamonds, and 50 years later, the whites and blacks began killing each other. Its no accident. And your Jews are confident and flippant. They openly mock whites. In the fullness of time, they should be gunned down without quarter, and then your racial problems will end. The blacks are easy to control. But the Jew uses them as bullets against whites.

The Jews will be laughing at your pain. They are a race of shit. Rockwell was right. 90% of them should be executed for treason. Probably the real figure is 99%.

Take care

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