USA: Judiciary or JEWdiciary? Jews get away with so many crimes!

[Take note of the excellent meme from above. I should mention that Hitler had no time for the last Kaiser of Germany. He regarded him as an idiot who did not grasp fully the extent of his leniency towards the Jews. But, for the record the Kaiser isn’t the only one guilty of this. We whites, as a race and as various nations have ALL MADE THE SAME MISTAKE. We treat the Jews too well.

Here in South Africa I can tell you, the Jewish scum had the run of the country just like they do in the USA today. The end result has been a total disaster for the whites.

Cursed Salad does excellent work on Twitter. Look at his findings about Jews just getting off criminal charges … one after the other. It sure looks fishy hey? Jews at work saving other Jews from the Law? It wouldn’t surprise me! That’s what the Jewish scum do. Jan]

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