10 Photos: If God really exists, would he have chosen the Jews as his “Chosen People?”

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I can’t get over the ridiculous nature of the Jews at times when observing their nonsense "traditions" and antics. The things they do, cannot, in any way be said to indicate that they are a superior people at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

It never ceases to amaze me how this race of people can BOLDLY, in-your-face, portray themselves as God’s chosen. If God existed, would he truly choose these people as his representatives on Earth? I mean, SERIOUSLY?

This does not fly with me. Take a look at some photos.

Here at the Jews with the chickens: Doesn’t this look utterly stupid and retarded?

Now take a look at the stupid Purim festival of the Jews, based on pure nonsense. An apparent victory over the Persians. All historical junk and rubbish.

In this case, the Jews are ordered to get drunk. Let’s look at what God’s chosen then look like, and these are the people with "the telephone line to God?" ARE YOU SHITTING ME?

You’re shitting me… These are "God’s people"????

They look more like they belong in a ghetto:

Or clowns…

I think even the blacks have more style than the Jews. Look at this:

How can you respect these people and their leaders?

This is tradition?

They are a superior race?

Finally, and this is a "culture" that comes from "thousands of years of progress?" You’re shitting me right?

I say these are a dysfunctional, childish people who prefer to live among an adult race of whites who actually have a true history tens of thousands of years old, who actually struggled, fought and survived incredible things.

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