EXCELLENT: Germany is waking up: Rathjen killing of 10 non-whites – My Comments


[I have not seen his entire video message. But the short excerpts tell a story. I'm sad that in the end he had to shoot his mother and himself, but it was probably the best thing to do because all that awaited him was a life in prison at best. 

Even if one does not agree with the facts he presents, the bottom line is that our politics is doing the rounds, and it is affecting some white people intensely, as in this guy's case. It is opening up a new world. As with many other shooters one can debate the various aspects of his actions, but the bottom line is that the anger of the white male is showing through. 
This guy lost his job. And he's not liking the non-whites flooding in to Germany. By doing what he has done, he is drawing more attention to this issue. 
It does not matter if the Governments put even more security out there, because the ball is now rolling, and as time goes by, the anger of the white male in the Western world will grow. These are the baby steps towards the big thing, WHITE REVOLUTION to take back the West. 
I think the ANGER and FURY of the white male, is long overdue. All these various whites, in their hodge-podge way, are laying the groundwork for deeper things to come. 
What pleases me is that in one way or another, our message reached this guy in some form, and it made him somewhat crazy. It is long overdue that white men begin the process of RESISTANCE and FIGHT BACK … EVERYWHERE. 
The Police, and intelligence services … are themselves composed of white males. Among them, some of them must begin asking themselves the question: I'm also a white guy … how's my life working out under this system where Jews and non-whites get all the goodies? Can I have a life in some way? Is this guy really the enemy… or am I actually standing in the same situation as him? In time to come, I think even those whose task it is to find and apprehend the whites who do these things will begin to realise that those whites … are their own brothers. 
It is sad that things have to work this way, but I'm afraid in the real world, there is a lot of ugly stuff that must be done. We have to turn things around for our race … by hook or by crook … by fair means or by foul … but the losing game of the white male must come to an end. We need to win again. 
I think though, deep down, the Jews have messed with the minds of the white elite everywhere, and twisted their minds such that they see non-whites and Jews as good … and whites as useless. This needs to be corrected. Whites are NOT the problem. They're the solution. The asset. Jan]

Here are 2 short videos about the killings:

German Gunman’s Disturbing Online Message Before Deadly Hanau Shooting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkn11fhILNM

Details of far-right gunman’s chilling manifesto after he killed 10 in Germany – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEUaDZaFJiM

The far-right terrorist who shot dead 10 people including his mum in a gun rampage in Germany was a deranged racist who ranted about wiping out entire nations. Tobias Rathjen killed nine people of “migrant backgrounds”, including five Turkish nationals, and injured six more in Hanau, near Frankfurt, on Wednesday night. He then returned home and killed his 72-year-old mother before turning the gun on himself. The former bank clerk left a letter and video in which he said he could “imagine halving the population”. He said he wanted to get rid of most of the Middle East, some Asian nations, North Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Germans he considered “impure”. The video, now removed from YouTube, included furious rants about Arab and Turkish immigrants and reportedly called for the “complete extermination” of many “races or cultures in our midst”. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attack, which she said was motivated by the “poison” of racism that was to blame for “too many crimes”. The atrocity has sparked fears of more European right-wing terror attacks as racist and anti-Islamic extremism soars. Rathjen was believed to have acted alone, but police and Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service were trying to track down any links he may have had to a growing number of European far-right groups. Scotland Yard’s Counter Terror Command and officers within MI5 were monitoring the investigation in case of any links to the UK. A senior Whitehall source said: “So far there is no indication that this individual is linked to any British far-right groups or has been recently to the UK. “But as ever the situation in Germany is being monitored and if there are any links they will be thoroughly investigated to ensure the risk to Brits is minimised.” A former British intelligence officer said: “Our intelligence agencies have extremely good relationships with their German equivalents and will be talking to them. If the German investigators find a link to the UK they will feed it to the British investigators.” In his online rant Rathjen, who was said to have returned to his home town of Hanau last year after losing his job in Munich, also bizarrely claimed he could not sleep with women because he was being watched by the government. He also boasted of a strategy that he said would have ended the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq within 10 years, and shared his plan to help Germany win the football World Cup. His rant also talked of underground facilities in the US where children are mistreated and killed, urging Americans to “wake up and fight” this. Rathjen had a gun licence and belonged to a gun club, where fellow member Claus Schmidt said he noticed “not a hint of racism or hatred towards foreigners” in him. Carrying a Glock 17 9mm, Rathjen attacked the Midnight shisha bar and a neighbouring cafe in central Hanau at about 10pm on Wednesday, before heading about 1.5 miles west and opening fire on a car

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  • 22nd February 2020 at 6:51 pm

    it was NOT him ! – several witnesses report of two russions having shot due to conflict with kurdish clans


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