South Africa: From Jan: We have 3 electricity Blackouts each day…

Just a note, to give you some insight into life here now. We have 3 electricity blackouts every day. I’m running off my own home-made hacked-together setup. And I did it so I could LEARN properly how to do it. I’m very happy with it. But it requires work and one also makes mistakes from time to time.

It’s now spring in SA, but during this winter, I did a lot of big maintenance on my solar stuff. I build myself a big battery box for my batteries and I moved all my batteries and cables and my inverters. I haven’t finished because I need to sort out my solar chargers and I want to move all the wiring for my solar panels. Plus, my solar panels are not angled efficiently and I want to get on the roof and sort that out too. So I’ve got quite a few more hours of work to do on that. But the BIG TASK, the moving of the battery bank is over and is nice.

Then later, inside my house I’ll be looking at sorting out my battery-powered lighting. Getting lights from batteries is one of the coolest and nicest things about solar. I love it.

I got myself a gas powered hotplate so I use less electricity. I’m very pleased with that.

The electricity in this country, under Black Communist rule is a mess, and getting worse, and I’m happy. This is our path to freedom.

Anyhow I thought I’d just give you that quick update on what I’ve been doing this winter. I’m feeling quite chuffed with my efforts. I’m learning all sorts of skills. Skills, skills, skills … that what Whites need to learn especially the men.

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