Hitler and Farming: White men across the world LOVE FARMING: Farming makes us strong … JEWS HATE WHITE FARMERS EVERYWHERE!

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[This is a discussion with one of my supporters. Jan]

He wrote:
I must tell you I have been enjoying your work.

You mentioned what is a characteristic of whiteness. I think it is farming
or growing things. The term "blood and soil" is important, as soil is fundamental to whiteness. When whites are left alone they farm, they grow things and build societies around the farms. This necessitates metals – hence whites mine. They hunt and fish too, but this is secondary to farming. This happened everywhere whites went, Rhodesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America etc etc.

Farming creates a food surplus that allows whites to build culture. Not modern culture, real culture. It enabled cities. Rome had huge plantations. Retired Roman soldiers were given land to, you guessed it, farm.

Whites become weak when you take their farms away. They become weak physically and mentally. Hitler understood that and hence wanted Germans to settle in the east, to farm. To return to their roots.

Look at the term "an English country garden". It is quintessential whiteness.

I think if you give a bunch of whites some land and some seeds they will farm it. It is what whites do.

Seems to make sense to me. Something to think about I guess.

My reply:
I did not know about the Roman Plantations. I’ve heard of them, but never really dug into it. You make a great point about retired Roman soldiers getting some land and then they farm.

You’ll see that the Roman Empire and the Greeks also had their entire society built around farming. In fact, FARMERS WERE THE HEART OF THE MILITARY and thus became the real POWER behind the state.

The development of farming was to the ancient world, what the industrial revolution was in modern times. It changed everything and Whites were fully into that. I think the domestication of animals was 9,000 years ago and wheat farming was 5,000 years ago. Those were huge steps.

In that regard, take special note of WHITES AND ANIMALS. I have so much to show you. I have SO MANY VIDEOS TO MAKE ABOUT SO MANY TOPICS! I need to show you more about Whites and animals versus Blacks and animals. But notice Whites everywhere, not only farm and hunt and fish – but they also deal well with animals. We have good relations with animals – even dangerous ones. Ignore all that old Jew/Liberal crap about "The Noble Savage" or whatever. You cannot compare Whites with any other race when it comes to animals. We can kill them and we can also care for them and do things with them that nobody can do.

Take for example the Aryans. The Aryans and their chariots. But the whole process of how we learned to domesticate horses and to eventually ride them. Those were big steps and they took long.

The White male takes to the wild like a duck to water. Here in Africa the Whites were superior to the Blacks when it came to dealing with animals and having success with animals. In Rhodesia and South Africa and across Africa actually, under colonialism, there were VAST NUMBERS OF ANIMALS. VAST NUMBERS. We had so many elephants that we needed to get helicopters to shoot them annually because they were damaging the trees and would turn the game reserves into deserts. I recall in Rhodesia, when I was a kid, we had 70,000 Rhinos! Now Rhinos are almost extinct. Blacks kill them to see the horns to the Asians!

When I think of my time as a kid on a small farm, I need to show people some stuff. Life was so different. When you’re on your own in the wild or the semi-wild and you don’t have a nanny looking after you, you need to be able to look out for yourself. So when I was a kid I knew I could walk in the bush and climb trees BUT I MUST KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR SNAKES.

The modern Jew/Liberal/Black world is so sissified.

Hitler knew the link between farming and toughness.

I think we love farming because it is something that ALWAYS was USEFUL and we would do it so we could live. We didn’t need handouts because we’re not a race of FAILURES and PUSSIES. We always looked out for ourselves – regardless of the NASTY CLIMATES that many Whites have lived in – from Ice to Desert. We’re just not a race of crybabies, fools and pussies.

Our skills extend far, and though I hardly ever talk about it, look at SAILING and FISHING. Those are also DANGEROUS things. That is another DANGEROUS – in some cases VERY DANGEROUS thing – and WHITE MALES have literally kicked the world’s ass. Go and look at the horrific conditions in the northern seas where White men sail and fish.

I think farming probably became our thing because we needed it so much, and we got excellent at it because – hey, we get excellent at everything we do.

Yes, nature and animals and plants and food is in our blood. We know we need to eat and NOBODY WILL GIVE US HANDOUTS. We’re just not a race of useless babies.

Lots of White men do really dangerous things. We can do more dangerous things than Blacks for example. We even do super dangerous things FOR FUN!!! Like climbing mountains, jumping from heights, etc.

Nobody does more dangerous stuff than us – while generally not getting killed or injured. That’s also pretty unique about us.

We also push ourselves. Will to Power is inside us and healthy inside us.

We are NOT SUITED to this Judaic/Liberal dufus pussy world actually.

Our entire history, and Hitler knew this is based on struggle and danger.

We’re far from finished. We just need to get control of our own politics again.

I have been thinking that ALL WHITE CHILDREN must get a chance to live on a farm, even if it happens during school holidays. It is very healthy for them.

What’s really stuffing up our civilisation is: Jews in politics, and ECONOMICS. Economics – I think is more of a scam than we realise.

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