Jews at work: My Videos are once again, being blocked in various countries…


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Lots of Photos: NAZI Gassings!!
This is a link to the Wayback Machine where you can see a wonderful old website with mountains of photos and articles about the enormous Jewish hoax of the holocaust. NAZIGASSINGS was a wonderful little website in it‘s day. You can still see many photos and stories on this page.

One of my supporters told me that my videos are once again being blocked in certain countries. So the campaign to stop the spread of the truth is hard at work again. No doubt, JEWS AT WORK!!!

I’m not sure in which countries my videos are being blocked, but it might be Europe. I would appreciate feedback on this so that I know which countries they are stopping the truth again! But the JEWS JEWS JEWS … must be HARD AT WORK!!!!

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South Africas 816 millionaire police bosses!
There are an estimated 816 employees in the South African Police Service (SAPS), including the minister of police and the deputy minister, who earn between R1.1 million and R2.7 million.

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