The CRITICAL White/European value of the TRUTH vs Jews & other non-whites


[I was reading an article, sent by an American, and in it he was mentioning how other non-whites, like the Samoans, on certain occasions just made stuff up to entertain whites/jews rather than telling them the truth about their past. I sent the American these comments, because I am UTTERLY CONVINCED of the critical importance of the truth and the many benefits that come to our race alone, because we value the truth so highly. We must NEVER descend into the Jewish world when it comes to this. I have no problem LYING TO OUR ENEMIES, especially our racial enemies. But among ourselves, we must stick, at all costs, to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The benefits among ourselves will be MASSIVE. Jan]

I wrote this to the American:
Thank you very much. Here in Africa, when I was a kid in school in Rhodesia, our teachers told us that in the past, that blacks would often tell whites what they believed the whites wanted to hear. This is a very important difference compared to whites who have a very much more objective view of the truth. We don’t say things because people will like it … we say things because its TRUE, or we are firmly convinced it is TRUE. This is a strong general value that you will find across white culture across nation after nation. We believe in the importance of the TRUTH … as a race whereas others operate totally differently. It is also my firm conviction that it is because we believe in the TRUTH and FACTS, that this gives us a huge edge over other races and that we progress because of this. I used to spend a lot of time pondering whether lies have a value, and I concluded that you CANNOT progress based on lies. Its impossible. Because the conclusions you will draw, will be false. You will therefore go away and try to implement ideas and fake lessons, which actually cannot work. I pondered this a lot, here in SA in the time of black rule as I observed liberals/jews/blacks/non-whites trying to drive things forward, and failing. I am utterly convinced that progress cannot be made on the basis of lies. You can maybe fake it and it will lead to new fake conclusions, but in the end, it will always be hampered by the fact that you are departing from reality. Your cause-and-effect will be wrong. You’ll ascribe the wrong values to this process and you will draw the wrong conclusions. Other races do not think like this. I noticed that in some pretty advanced asian countries, people find it enjoyable making up lies and seeing how long it takes others to figure this out. I regard these kinds of things as very counter productive. I’m ever more convinced that everything Liberal and non-white will just continue imploding because their cause-and-effect is wrong, because their assumptions and base lines are wrong.

In Africa I observe that the ONLY THING that improves in the lives of these very stupid people, are the things that come from our race and culture. Among themselves, they may talk a lot, but they can’t progress.

If you think we have problems, its nothing compared to the problems these others have including Jews and non-whites.

I think that whites will remain almost the only factor in true progress on this planet. All the others will merely prove yet again, why they never succeeded before whites entered their lives. We are the main source of truth and knowledge, and it will remain so. In fact, when I study more modern history, I can tell you that the blacks in Africa, despite getting to run countries, have actually gone backwards tremendously, and that the West as a whole, despite losing its empires and colonies, managed to move forward scientifically in ways that outstrip the gains of the non-whites. In fact, they get their own minds tied up in knots, based on all kinds of garbage. They mix in communist nonsense with Liberal nonsense along with their own nonsense thoughts and in the end they have little idea about reality.

I remain convinced that we, as a race are closer to REALITY … than anyone else.

We’re busy imploding here in South Africa where actual services are now imploding in a really big way. Deep down, even certain non-whites are realising that the words of Govt and the President are meaningless. That each time they claim they’ve found a new way forward, that in fact, it won’t work. It delights me to see them tied up in all sorts of knots now and for them, progress is now pretty much impossible. Many factors have finally come home to roost. As a “nation”, the multicultural, multiracial state of South Africa is utterly useless. Even the whites who try to be Liberal, and who try to go along with the fantasies that the non-whites believe, are unable to actually solve the problems. I think we’ve reached a point where the only way for progress is to tell the raw, ugly truths. One will be called a racist, etc. But that will be the only way. I think tip toeing around the problems has only made things worse and that it is completely impossible to achieve anything further by grovelling at the feet of all the others. The others do NOT know any better than we do. Though they’ve tried hard to pretend that they do.

I regard TRUTH as the ONLY “God” worth worshipping. Its truth or nothing. Only the TRUTH can lead to progress. Everything else is just childish nonsense. We should not even be wasting our time listening to the views of these silly people. They may have their own views, but their own views are utterly worthless I tell you. Utterly worthless. I’ve reached the point where all non-whites and Jews bore me to such a degree. I just don’t care a fig what any of them think about anything. I’ve wasted thousands of hours of my life talking to morons. I learned nothing from them.

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