Church of Creativity: A Racial Quote from Matt Hale Pontifex Maximus!

[I enjoy the quotes from Matt Hale. There have not been many for a long time. I love the Church of Creativity. It's a wonderful thing Ben Klassen invented. I think Matt was the 2nd Pontifex Maximus. That is Latin (Roman) for "High Priest". Jews of course want you to believe that there are no differences between races. It's the Jewish goal to fool Whites into believing all people are equal. I was reading an excellent quote from Mein Kampf where Hitler was discussing this too. Hitler knew and warned us. Jan]


Friends and supporters: Matt sends a quote today! Ms. H

"A White man and a black man are NOT interchangeable beings and only a fool, idiot, or liar would claim otherwise."

Matthew F. Hale

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