A WORLD ON THE EDGE OF SUPER WAR: The Junk Globalism scam of PEACE KEEPING… in War Torn nations

There are a number of terms that have slipped into our consciousness that never existed before. These are garbage ideas that have come after WW2 with the USA behind it in order to keep Globalism and Pax Americana in action forever. One such term is "peacekeeping".

Peace keeping is a load of pure nonsense. Such things never existed, and the filthy, disgusting United Nations drives it, but the USA is really the core power behind the UN.

What you have are nations, across the world where there is war, and these wars would resolve themselves eventually. However, whenever these wars go in directions that the USA and Globalists don’t like then they get everyone else to come and send troops into those war situations.

What this means is that large parts of the world are not actually at peace, but in a partial, fake peace, which can easily break down. So what this means is that large parts of the world, especially the Third World, are actually on the edge of much bigger wars, and they remain in that state for DECADES.

So what it means is that at some point in the future, if the Global system were to break down, which I think it is, huge chunks of the Third World could explode into war.

Jewish Global Liberalism has actually created the conditions for SUPER WAR … wars larger and more devastating than anything seen in the history of the world and which could slaughter vast numbers of people especially in the Third World.

People don’t seem to be aware that the world is really on edge.

Now this situation is not bad. It is an artificial situation which can be exploited by Whites too.

But the vast majority of people don’t realise that this situation even exists.

I thought I would just make this point.

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