S.Africa: Time for Blacks to WASTE MONEY: City of Joburg to Spend R2 Million on Glitzy Staff Party

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[The Blacks know how to waste money. Partying, booze and sex – Yeah … that's what really brings these worthless Blacks back to life! Just WASTE MONEY! Jan]

The City of Johannesburg plans to spend R2.6 million on a year-end event for long-serving employees incurring costs inflated by as much as 766% for goods and services for the ceremony, such as R40 000 for flowers, R300 000 for jackets, R769 000 for watches and R171 000 for service fees. Writing in an exclusive News24 report, Azarrah Karrim reports that the event, which would honour City employees who served 40 years or more, seemingly goes against National Treasury cost containment regulations. The event has seen the reallocation of R2 million from the City’s locomotive savings to supplement the original council-approved budget, according to documents News24 has seen.

Source: https://allafrica.com/stories/202311300008.html

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