A Fantastic feature of the Internet for Whites: Our split race: English and Non-English.


One thing I am thoroughly enjoying on the Internet is to begin to see thinking and information coming from the non-English speaking whites of our race. There is a lot of richness that has otherwise been missing among the English speakers, which we can only gain from Europe.

I’m loving some of the stuff I’m coming across. I was watching a video where a German virologist was questioning the very basis of ALL MEDICINE. I’m still busy watching it and assessing it.

I love the variety of thoughts that come out our our race. Our race is split in two: English and non-English and both these sections need to interact more. There are tremendous benefits to be gained from us exchanging our knowledge and thoughts.

It will also make us more immune to Jews who have a tremendous dominance over the English side of our race. The English side is a “trading” part of our race who value money and business over everything. That in itself leads to disaster for us.

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