Blacks Smashing up New York: Jews chose from 30 George Floyds to burn the USA down


[A European friend sent me video footage of blacks smashing up some shops in New York. I wrote this to him and his friends. Jan]

Lovely find. You see it does not matter if it was "apartheid" or "colonialism" … its racial man. That’s all there is to it. White Americans won’t avoid it. But I’m liking that the Jews are pushing the blacks hard in this year.

They’re making moves that are not good for them.

Now white Americans can see, with their own eyes their "fellow citizens" smashing up their country… for virtually no reason at all.

These Jews just make up the fake reasons for the violence. They could have chosen one of MANY "George Floyds". They probably were sitting with a list of 20 or 30 shootings and decided, yeah, let’s take George Floyd … that one will work best for us … and bam, they start burning down the USA for this bogus reason.

That’s how this Jewish commie shit really works.

Its no deeper than that.

Its that fake. It was the same here in Africa.

Lovely video though!

I hate seeing this happening to Western nations, but sadly, many more white girls and women will be raped, tortured and murdered before whites wake up.

Though I think when white males wake up, the REVENGE will be TERRIBLE. I hope I live to be a PART OF IT!

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