Are Nuclear Bombs real? What of Nuclear powered electricity & Nuclear Powered Sun?


[This is a discussion with an American I know well. He told me he has just got a book by a Japanese guy about nukes being fake. So here's the discussion between us below. I'll mark all his paragraphs with A: and everything else is what I wrote. Jan]

As I read what you wrote below, I was chuckling to myself. Your mind is very agile, and I was noticing that Alex was also busy cramming stuff into his head. And I am busy ramming knowledge into my head at an insane pace too. So I’m sitting and chuckling to myself. It’s very good though. I’m actually asking myself what is happening to all of us in this world, and the best thing I can think of is to call it "The Great Mixing". It is a mixing from every conceivable angle of power, knowledge, lies, etc … and I’m asking myself what exactly is this going to lead to for all of us! There

Let me reply to your stuff below.

A: I have a book that says nukes are a hoax from a Japanese scientist. it confirms some of the things I thought about, but he gives a lot more stuff. He reports that the plans for the atomic bomb were thrown away because the USG didn’t think they would be needed anymore. That’s a common claim among other big claims of the US government. Loss of core key evidence.

I can process anything FAST if I get it in text or PDF format. If you have the name of the book, let me see if I can find a PDF copy, because then I can blast through it really fast to assess it.

In reply to your stuff about nukes. There are 3 areas where you will see that I don’t go with the "conspiracy" theories, and they are: Nukes, Flat Earth, and the Moon Landing hoax. I don’t buy the space stuff, because I am very familiar with astronomy, and I’ve seen the evidence people have presented, and it can easily be disproved. e.g. Flag waving on the moon in an airless environment. One area that is intermediate though, where I don’t have specialist knowledge, but I have dug into it, is nuclear stuff.

I am happy to look into this book by this Japanese scientist to see his arguments. But for me, the problem with nukes being a hoax is based on a number of things.

Firstly, if nukes don’t exist, then you also need to explain to me how it is that nuclear power plants exist. Because if you are saying nukes might not exist then surely you also mean nuclear power as a concept does not exist? How then would you explain NUCLEAR POWERED ELECTRICITY? e.g. chernobyl, etc, etc. The reason I say this is because the mechanism that drives nuclear explosions (fission and fusion), is the same mechanism that makes nuclear plants that generate electricity work. When I was in the USA in 2010, a guy took me to a place where a nuclear power plant had existed and it had been dismantled. And you could see the vast mass of electricity pylons there. Also, here in South Africa in the Cape we have the French built Koeberg nuclear power plant which generates electricity.

Secondly, in my digging into South African history, the topic of nuclear bombs came up. And one of my friends used to be a technician at a nuclear power plant. So again, I ask you, if nuclear power isn’t real then what was my friend actually working at? He is alive, and he can answer any questions. But, if nukes aren’t real, then what about the Whites in South Africa who were enriching uranium and who were building the nuclear bombs in Pretoria? Why would we have built nukes in order to defend ourselves, if it wasn’t real? All the photos and evidence and books on these topics exist. So what then, were we doing in SA?

Thirdly, nuclear power is, in my view, the most awesome science of all, second only to quantum mechanics. Russia has entire cities where they do nothing but work on building nuclear missiles which they target the USA with. The Russians have thousands of nuclear missiles, the Chinese have hundreds of them, the British and French have nukes, as do the Indians, and the USA has thousands of nukes. Then there’s the possibility that the NAZIS were developing nukes. And there is a LOT of video footage as well as scientific and military studies of nukes being exploded, ESPECIALLY IN NEVADA. There have to be lots of people in the USA who have experience and knowledge in this regard. I find it hard to believe that it is all a hoax.

I must add that again, with nuclear power, the sun and stars are also nuclear powered (fusion) entities. In the days when I was doing my nutty earth stuff, I even dug into the concept of naturally occurring nuclear energy underground in the earth. I even made contact with an American nuclear scientist who gave me copies of papers he wrote on this topic. In West Africa scientists found a place where nuclear energy was at work on the Earth’s surface for about 2 million years.

So I keep coming back to the notion that nuclear energy has to be real and there is a huge amount of science behind it.

So perhaps the core argument might be that nuclear energy is real but nuclear BOMBS aren’t real.

This brings us to the fourth point. Nuclear bombs are things that many people, including terrorists have wanted. Nukes could do insane amounts of damage even small ones. Here is old film footage of the smallest nuke being test fired. Notice all the people with serious protection on their eyes.

Also, here is a young WHITE kid in America who built his own nuclear reactor!

The real issue that could be fueling nuclear doubts is MILITARY SECRECY. If you are finding that documentation has disappeared and things have really gone missing, then the real answer might be military secrecy. I’ve done videos on this, especially that video: How America built UFOs. But MILITARY SECRECY is something very serious, and very real and it is the LAW and they will just come and take anything they want, and shut up anyone they want. You can’t stop this. It happens, and it happens instantly. So if there is a lack of documentation then maybe the real issue is military secrecy. Why? Because people are scouring the internet and libraries for nuclear secrets in order to build their own nuclear bombs. And this stuff must be kept away from such people. I have also noticed that nuclear technology is SO SECRET, that even when one country figures out how to solve the problems that they do not share it even with their best allies. Each nation has it’s own solutions to nuclear stuff. It is, ironically, only the Russians and French who are willing to strike deals with others to build nuclear reactors for them. And keep in mind, that if you have a PEACEFUL NUCLEAR REACTOR then you already have the very basis for BUILDING YOUR OWN NUCLEAR BOMB. Of course the Israeli Jews just steal any technology they need from America. But notice for example Iran. Look at all the endless discussions to stop Iran from getting nuclear bombs. Why would the Iranians be trying to build a nuclear bomb if it was not real and if it did not have a use against their arch enemy Israel?

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