ENOUGH! Spain shuts its border with Africa


[How cool is this? Spain has had enough of the masses from Africa coming in. Spain and Italy are becoming the front line of Europe! Nice! Hope they kick more back and let others drown in the sea. The Jews are behind this nonsense. Jan]

Officials from a migrant centre in Ceuta, North Africa, which has been overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving, have claimed “immigration is an EU problem, not a Spanish problem”.

Ceuta has become a magnet for African migrants hoping to reach Spain as it has the EU’s only land border with Africa.

Early on Monday morning, almost 200 migrants from Guinea arrived in the Spanish city of Ceuta where they have been staying in a temporary centre for immigrants.

You can read the rest here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/839146/Ceuta-Morocco-European-Union-border-shut-immigration-crisis-North-Africa

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