Dr Ed Fields: Immigration Invasion Threatens America’s Survival

[I got this from John Kaminski. My own thinking is that Jews are able to con everyone. They do this at a high level. I've mentioned before how Hitler said Jews were fooling wealthy Whites. I came across another quote from Hitler where he talks of "Artless art". He cited Italian modernism. And Hitler said that JEWS were merely promoting junk as art in order to push up the prices. I'm convinced that Jews FOOL WHITES – even Presidents and even Scientists and they fool BUSINESS PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. Jews can bullshit people with anything. Jews will invent any lie they need. And people fall for it. I think that Jews have fooled Elite Americans into believing that immigration – mass non-White immigration is going to be GOOD. And some of this can be seen in the writings of Professor Carrol Quigley in his Evolution of Civilisation. Jan]

The Truth at Last: Truth Tract: Immigration Invasion

Immigration Invasion Threatens America’s Survival

America is Drowning in Immigration

by Dr. Ed Fields

November 1994

Sen. Richard Shelhy of Alabama recently stated: " What will happen to America when it is no longer a majority Anglo-Saxon nation ?" This question has very serious implications. Rather than engage in a rational discussion, one NAACP leader accused Sen. Shelby of "racism" and said "so what if the U.S. does become non-White ?" Why is Europe and North America so much further advanced than Africa, South America and all of Asia, except for Japan? Bear in mind that Africa has the richest natural resources of any continent in the world. Why is there such a great difference between the under-developed backward nations and the advanced industrialized countries ? Could it be that the inherited intelligence differences which show White people always testing 15 to 20 I.Q. points higher than Negroes (and people who are part Negro) is the reason ? Race is a very important factor which cannot be overlooked !

Remember that there is not a single black nation in Africa (or Haiti) which has ever had a true democratic form of government. Outside of Japan, there is not one Asiatic country which has a true democracy. None of these countries enforce laws protecting the rights of workers and most of them work at slave wages. While there is a population explosion in the backward Third World nations, the White birth rate has slipped below "population zero" which means we are no longer reproducing our own kind. Most Whites have fewer than two children per family and it takes 2.5 just to maintain our current percentage of the population. (Note: The White race today makes up only 11% of the world’s total population.)

The world population was 2 billion in 1930, it jumped to 3 billion by 1960 and then to 5 billion in 1987. It will now double to 10 billion by the year 2005 (just 11 years away ) Living conditions in these overcrowded and disease wracked nations are so horrendous that the people desperately want to flee to America. Under present immigration laws, as approved by a derelict Congress, we will take in over 25 million additional legal immigrants over the next ten years. However this will not even begin to help alleviate the skyrocketing birthrate in the poor non-White nations. Some 80% of the world’s population resides in the poverty ridden Third World countries. Mexicans have a phenomenal birth rate of 7 to 8 children per family. Mexico sends America more legal and illegal immigrants than any other country. At Mexico’s present rate of growth, 34 million in 1960, skyrocketed to 72 million in 1980. They will explode to 129 million by the year 2,000 ! A majority of these people will be pressing to enter the U.S. one way or another. Mexico alone has the manpower to overwhelm and destroy our very society and standard of living. (Note: This high birthrate is the same in other non-White nations of South America and they all want to come here !)

The Coming immigration Catastrophe

America accepts more legal immigrants than all of the other industrialized nations of the world combined. The only reason for this is to provide low wage employees for big business. It is no accident that selfish, super-rich, corporate executives oppose any increase in the minimum wage. The problems caused by permitting this invasion of unskilled immigrants include;

1) Violent crime Illegals are responsible for a high percentage of violent crime in our major cities. The murderous Japanese Yakuza gang operates in Hawaii and Calif. The Chinese and Vietnamese gangs are especially vicious and function nation-wide in protection rackets and smuggling in other illegal aliens. There is the "Israeli Mafia" which engages in loan sharking, arson, etc. The Jamaican "posses" deal in cocaine. They have murdered 600 people over the past two years. Mexican gangs are in a constant state of war with black gangs in which many innocent people are killed. Some 30% of all the people in San Diego’s jails are aliens. They cost $20,000 each a year to house. The law provides for the deportation of alien criminals. Last year only 19,199 were deported out of 425,000 convicted aliens. The "I don’t give a damn" Congress has not appropriated enough money for the Immigration Service to deport these criminals who will eventually get out of prison and attack citizens again.

2) Lower wages for younger and older American workers are caused when huge numbers of immigrants join the competition for increasingly scarce jobs. Illegal aliens work in construction, manufacturing, as taxi drivers, for restaurants, laundries, and janitorial services. In Calif. and N.Y. garment industry sweat shops have been discovered paying illegal aliens as little as 96 cents an hour. A 1986 law, which made it a crime to hire illegal aliens, has been easily evaded with counterfeit Social Security cards which greedy employers are eager to accept.

Last year, the Immigration Service was only able to deport 11,628 aliens who were working illegally in America. (It is estimated there are 12 million illegals here and that 4 million hold down regular jobs.) American workers have always enjoyed high wages because in earlier times government leaders insured a labor shortage by strictly limiting immigration. Illegals are even taking high paying jobs and constitute 25% of those working in the "Silicon Valley" high-tech computer field. At one time it was a great privilege to be allowed into this country. Cornell University Prof. Vernon Briggs says that every 100 illegal aliens displace 65 American workers. If all illegal workers were deported, as required by law, unemployment would disappear tomorrow. However, today big business rules in Washington and they demand cheap labor. Thus, with a huge surplus of cheap immigrant workers there is great pressure for people to accept lower wages or not work at all !

3) Welfare and social services have been overwhelmed by immigrants. Of those seeking free medical care in Southern California, over 50% are immigrants. Medi-Cal reports that 96,000 babies were born in California last year whose parents are illegals. The cost was $811 million. Some 456,000 i11egaI alien children attend Calif. Schools at the shocking expense of $1.7 billion a year to the taxpayers. Over 18,000 illegal alien criminals are in Calif. prisons at the annual cost of over $375 million. There is a serious flaw in the U.S. Constitution which makes anyone born in this country an automatic citizen. The Mexicans know about this and it opens the door for the parents to become citizens and after that they are free to bring in a long chain of relatives.

Studies find that 90% of all illegal aliens would like to go on welfare. Some 64.846 will eventually obtain some form of welfare. It should be noted that while they do have free (but inferior) medical care back in their home countries there are no other welfare benefits. Sister Ann Wisda, of the Catholic Church in Okla., told the "Lawton Constitution" that: "90% have no intention of obtaining a job until they are forced to do so. The welfare mind has taken control of them and all they want to do is sponge off the American people." States whose budgets have been wrecked by the burden of illegal aliens are Calif., New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas. The national cost to the taxpayers is over $30 billion per year.

4) Social Security has been especially hard hit with aliens bringing their elderly parents here. Dr. Fields once held meetings in a Rome, Ga. motel owned by a Mr. Patel. One day he said: " I am going to the Atlanta Airport to pick up my parents who are moving here from India. Did you know that I will have to wait three months before they can begin collecting SSI ?" He was obviously upset. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Over 450,000 elderly aliens, who never paid a dime into Social Security, collect SSI.

5) Minorities will become the majority by the year 2050 and perhaps as early as 2025 if the spiral of illegal immigration is not checked. Our current population will skyrocket from 250 million today to nearly 400 million by the year 2050. All of this growth will come from non-White groups, We already see a serious breakdown in law and order with Mexicans fighting blacks in Los Angeles, Jews and blacks fighting one another in New York City. Dominicans in Washington have engaged in two major riots. Even Haitian blacks have fought with U.S. blacks in Miami.

Throughout history the most harmonious nations have always been those in which the people are all of the same racial group. Japan, and all of Europe (except non-White cities) are very peaceful and law abiding. Calcutta, India, (described as the hell-hole of the world), has over 300,000 homeless street people, wrenching poverty, horrible diseases, such as the deadly cholera. One would think that this would be a lawless city.

No, it is very safe in Calcutta and violent crime is nearly unknown. The police do not even carry guns. There were only 22 murders last year in this city of 9 million. WHY ? Because it is made up of one race of people – THE INDIANS – they have respect for one another and do not want their own people harmed. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A HARMONIOUS MULTI-RACIAL SOCIETY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD !

How Did We get Into This immigration Trap

Throughout American history far-sighted leaders have sought to preserve the White uropean makeup of the nation. Long ago, the "National Origins Act, " was enacted to ensure that the descendants of the original stock of the founding fathers would governthis nation forever. Thus immigration has always favored such countries as England, Germany, Ireland, France, etc. Blacks and Asians were not allowed to immigrate here at all. In fact, immigration was 80% White European until 1965. Today it is only 10% White.

Jewish organizations wanted to change the law so that more of their people could immigrate here. Sen. Jacob Javitz of New York and Rep. "Manny" Celler from Brooklyn, supported by all of the powerful Jewish organizations, worked feverishly for years in support of the Javitz-Celler Immigration Bill. They enlisted liberals and certain church groups with an appeal, "to help the poor and downtrodden peoples of the Ihird World." Anyone who opposed this change in our historic immigration policy was said to be "biased" against non-Whites. (The word "racism" was not "coined" unti1 1972.) The Javitz-Celler Immigration Bill barely passed in the Congress in 1965. So as not to frighten the citizenry, it called for "only" 170,000 immigrants a year.

However, without fanfare this has been steadily increased to 270,000 by the Congress in 1976 with no more than 20,000 from any one country. Rep. Peter Rodino demanded that, "family reunification must be promoted regardless of its implications on the job market." This is when immigration got totally out of control. The liberal Congress exempted India, Korea, Mexico and the Philippines from the 20,000 per year limit. Pres. Jimmy Carter started the "refugee program" in 1980 when he welcomed Castro’s "Mariel boatlift" of 125,000 refugees, of whom 40,000 were from Cuba’s prisons and insane asylums. Later the phony "refugee program" was expanded to help nearly one million Vietnamese and Cambodians to enter America with pzyments of $4,500 to $7,000 per refugee (for resettlement expenses) and instant total welfare benefits to anyone designated as a "refugee". Jewish groups went to work to increase the annual number of Russian Jews moving to America to 40,000 with all being automatically granted the richly rewarding "refugee" status. Of the 150,000 "refugees" allowed in annually a study found that only 8% were actually persecuted back in their home countries.

Jews are the only group which does not have to "prove" any type of persecution, mainly because of the "holocaust". Exceptions were also made for Haitians (over half a million). 250,000 Salvadoras or l0% of that country’s population which now lives in Los Angeles) along with over 200,000 Nicaraguans (none have returned home, despite the war having ended in both countties.) The foreign born have become so powerful politically that most in Congress continue to pander to their demands with ever more concessions. Study the chart on this page and you will see that immigration has hit the astronomical number of 1,827,000 ending with 1992. This spiraling of immigration increased again when the Congress voted 231 to 192 to grant "amnesty" to millions of illegal aliens in 1988. A switch of only 20 votes in the House could have blocked "amnesty". Today Mexico sends the largest number of immigrants (55,000 a year). Russian Jews are second totalling 40,000 a year (with automatic refugee status).
Political Influence Of Immigrant Groups

Both minority and immigrant groups favor liberal members of the Democratic Party because they are prone to "take from the haves and give to the have nots." Thus they vote for socialist left-wing candidates. Unfortunately, some 10% of the White people will also vote for Marxist candidates. This is why there is a danger of the "Liberalism" of a Clinton presidency turning into a "Communist" type government. White Europeans are by their very nature a freedom loving people. This is not in the historic makeup of any of the present immigrant groups now invading America. We are faced with a very dangerous situation and our children’s future is at stake. They will be here in the year 2025 (or before) when White people will be referred to as "that despised minority. They will face an all-powerful, non-White government of people who today are already extremely hostile towards White people.
77% Want Immigration Lowered

A Roper Poll found that 77% of the American people want immigration reduced because they believe that it poses a threat to our standard of living. Another 55% would like to see a "moratorium" on all immigration. This means that for a period of time all immigration, both legal and illegal, would be STOPPED! Does the Congress listen to the will of the people, or to the selfish big business elements who want more cheap labor ? With a total disdain for the wishes of the American majority the Congress continues to vote to bring in additional millions of Third World immigrants.

North Carolina Senator Robert Rice Reynolds, way back in 1939, saw the beginning of this problem. He introduced an important three point Bill:
A) Register and fingerprint all aliens so that their whereabouts would be known at all times.
B) Deport immediately all aliens who commit crime.
C) Stop all immigration for a period of ten years (a moratorilun) so that current immigrants could be absorbed.

Sen. Reynolds served in the U.S. Senate for 12 years retired in 1945. He popularized the slogan "America For the Americans". His program is urgently needed today.
What About The Birthright Of Our Children ?

The Founding Fathers wanted America to be a safe haven of freedom and liberty for the descendants of European stock for all time to come. This is "The Birthright" of our children, grand children and all descendants for all time to come! The GREAT forefathers never intended, nor in their wildest dreams ever imagined, that one day their seed would live under the heel of despotic black, yellow and brown people’s rule. These races have always shown a hostility toward White Europeans. Why is the Congress not standing up and defending the rights of White European Americans ?

How many Congressmen in recent years have gone on TV and said that: "If you vote to for me I will support legblation to bring in unlimited numbers of immigrants and refugees." You know the answer to this question — not one of them ever stated their true intentions on the immigration front. As for the few who have offered meek resistance — how many have ever made the question of immigration a major part of their campaign speeches ? How many have ever discussed this question with their constituents. at all — WHEN THIS GREAT ISSUE DWARFS ALL OTHER SUBJECTS ! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER ISSUE MORE IMPORTANT ! WHAT DO ALL THE OTHER QUESTIONS MATTER IF AMERICA IS GOING TO SINK UNDER THE BURDEN OF COLORED IMMIGRATION — NEVER TO RISE AGAIN ?
What Can I Do In This Hour Of Crisis ?

Immigration is the issue of the hour. "The America First Party" is the only organization which takes an open stand for the ten year moratorium plan to stop all immigration. You can join this New Party. Also, this "Immigration Truth Tract" gives you, in one quick reading, all of the major facts which you need to alert others. Sinister forces are feverishly working like termites within the government to make this a non-White nation against the wishes of the vast majority of White European Americans. Gen. Leonard Chapman, former head of the Immigration Service says: Illegal immigration is ant of control and two million illegals enter the U.S. each year.

Some 20 million people have applied to legally move here and 1.6 million "relatives" of the recently naturalized are in the pipeline right now.

Our children face a nightmare future unless we join together and act NOW ! Write your Congressman to vote to stop all immigration. We demand that the outrageous "refugee" ripoff of the taxpayers be abolished ! Let’s unite to vote out those who support "open immigration" and let’s run candidates for office who will fight TO STOP ALL IMMIGRATION !

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