Americans investigate: South Africa: EFF: Julius Malema’s links to: CIA, Rich Jews & much more! Part 1

[Note this report was produced by the same Americans who investigated the Suidlanders. Their details are below. This is their research and their conclusions.

Some comments from me:
o I had heard from a US Source some time back about the black communist Gaspard appointed by Obama to be the ambassador in South Africa. I had heard that he was having a lot of meetings with Malema.
o Max Du Preez is an Afrikaans scumbag who is a Liberal journalist but he’s has strong pro-communist sentiments and activities for many years.
o I will produce other evidence showing another Jew Nathan Kirsch, has been giving Malema big money. Malema is clearly 100% in with Jews on all sides. Even the Jewess Helen Zille of the DA is in with him.

I am particularly fascinated by the Wikileaks report on Malema.

Also the links of these radical black communists in America and South Africa back to Jews is very interesting. Jewry at work… ensuring that whites go down! Jan]

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