Election Fraud: Trump had a Plan B, but NOT a Plan C, or Plan D

Trump even mentioned before the election that there was a good chance of fraud. But all along, his plan was to challenge it in the courts. I had wondered, what would he do if those court cases did not succeed? What I did NOT expect was that they would, mostly end up being flops.

However, even so, one must always think of worst case scenarios, and Trump really did not seem to have any in mind. He trusted in the SYSTEM TOTALLY.

In life, in warfare, in military stuff (which is the ultimate form of competition), you MUST think about all sorts of outcomes.

Here you see the weakness of a business mind. He really doesn’t have the kind of mind that a military type of man would have had – a Hitler or a Napoleon or a Caesar. He just is not able to function outside of The System.

So his entire plan rested on Plan B, the Courts … But the enemy was one step ahead of him. They rigged the election, and maybe they even had other influences. e.g. Maybe the rigging was worse than we know but some of the evidence also disappeared. We are talking about computer software. There is a lot that can be done. And maybe they even had things in place to help influence courts, etc? The enemy was aggressive and took no chances.

Trump on the other hand was caught off guard and never quite figured out how to deal with things.

There were weak moves to get some military officers on his side, but otherwise, nothing serious.

I don’t believe Trump will make any military or Presidential power moves.

To be frank with you, I never considered these possibilities. What a rotten end to his Presidency.

Will he be back? 4 years is quite a long way away, and I would not bet on it. Many things can happen before then. He might never get a second chance.

RULE NO 1: POLITICS IS RUTHLESS … Whites, we need to be aware of this. I’ve seen this in Africa. They don’t pussyfoot around. They even kill people sometimes.

Trump was too weak, too trusting. I had expected him to be more of a fighter.

What a sad end.

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