Election Fraud USA: The Final court cases and challenges – Desperate, Hopeless moves


It sounded good when I heard of the Texas case where they’re trying to get to the Supreme Court, and that it involves 17 states.

However, when I look at the matter, the fact is that Trump’s court case moves have largely been a flop.

I’m not saying that the evidence is not there. But this is not really changing the outcome in any way.

This process too might be rigged to some degree.

But when I look at it all, the reality is that the REAL CHALLENGES that Trump and his attorney launched, were largely failures. They did have some successes, but in all, there are some that have been rejected outright.

These other moves, as impressive as they SOUND … really look to me like desperate moves that are going nowhere.

It’s game over.

The election was definitely stolen on a big scale, and it looks as if Trump just doesn’t have the fire that he claimed he had.

These are final desperate moves. I don’t see how any of these could overturn anything. Why will the supreme court hear things which were rejected by other courts?

It is an ugly ending I’m afraid. A very ugly ending.

It should shock people who were clinging to final straws of hope.

Learn the lesson … the enemy is RUTHLESS! Learn that. We need to be of a similar mindset.

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