Video: Chinese WANT to be like Jews! – Chinese are falling for Jewish propaganda


[There's more to this than this lovely little video. This is an excellent little video. But I have mentioned other aspects. Back in 2012, the Jews launched a propaganda program to translate lots of stuff into Chinese. It is clear that the Jewish mindworm is busy successfully moving into Chinese society and fooling the Chinese. A reader on my website had mentioned in the past, from his own experiences that the Chinese in their history are anyway very Jew-like. I've said for years that China is the next Jewish super power. We will revisit this topic later. This is also the place the Jews of America will be moving to when they've totally f*cked up America and when America is burning. All the signs are there. The Chinese are not great. I had a Japanese NAZI pal on Twitter in 2015/16. He told me that the Chinese are idiots. The Chinese are actually useless. The Japanese used to kick them into line with ease. I thus see China as being a house of cards. Let them try their luck. Jan]

Here’s the short video:

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