Such a sweet and loving letter was sent to me just days before I moved out of that fairy-tale town called Jasper, that I thought I should share it with you all. I picked up a pile of mail from my post box on my way out, and the return address and name did not even tweak on me at first – it just remained in a small pile with other mail for a few days before I even opened it.

After finally getting around to reading it, well then the little play on words on the envelope dawned on me.

The return address on the envelope:

Al Lofus    [….just change the spacing]
6 Mill Dr.  [hahahaha 6 million haha’s… oh aren’t they clever]


TRUTH is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. Those who HATE the TRUTH are in fact the real HATERS, as amply demonstrated by the following letter.


…heard you’re leaving town.

That’s awesome for everyone here!

Also heard you’re devoting more into your hatred of Jews and trying to show the holocaust was a fake or some bullshit like that.

Also awesome, because that means another failure added to all your other failures.
– parenting               L
– politician                O
– music teacher          S
– warden                    E
– sister                        R   !

When you die, you and whoever else supports you will not have convinced the world about any of your sick-minded shit.

You totally suck.

Have a miserable life, you pathetic turd.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … fuck you.

Faceless and nameless – what cowardice! There is no surprise in that though, as the real haters like to hide behind a rock while they sling their mud and spew their venom. They puff themselves up and make a lot of noise and pretend that they are everyone everywhere. That is what gives them their feigned strength. Alone they cower and tremble in fear. They can never provide logical argument or evidence to counter what the truth-teller says. That is why they resort to their pathetic tactics like this letter. That letter demonstrates their fear about the fact that we are waking up!

It gave me a good laugh – so I had the last laugh!

In the upside-down world that we live in where war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, then that was indeed a love letter.

UPDATE on the War Zone in Jasper

A while back I promised an update on “The War Zone in Jasper” article of August 10th. The Jews and their Quislings in Jasper did not like my busking success.

On August 14th while playing my fiddle downtown I felt a presence close behind me. When I turned around, I saw two young women, one of whom was holding a sign right above my head. I recall it saying something like

This woman is a holocaust-denier.
Do not support!

I laughed and carried on playing, but after a while I confronted her about being in my space. I asked her name. She told me Julie Carr. Her friend would not identify herself – too cowardly. I told them I was happy that they did not confuse me for someone who still believes in all those lies. She kept repeating,

the holocaust happened… the holocaust happened… the holocaust happened…

I told her to prove that it happened. Where is the proof?

A man came along and challenged these young women. He defended my right to speak. He talked about Iraq and the lies which were used to trigger / justify that war. He spoke about the 30 million Russians [it was actually far more – he understated that one!] who were killed by the Bolsheviks [and who exactly were those Bolsheviks – overwhelmingly Jews!].

Other people came along and honked their horns – was that for Julie Carr? or was that for me? The jury is still out on that one. Tourists sat down on the bench nearby to listen to the tunes – they shared their appreciation with me afterwards.

Our conversation escalated. Julie’s face came within an inch of my face, both of our voices were rising. Her friend was nudging her,

c’mon, c’mon, let’s get out of here! let’s go..

Soon another man came along, presumably a friend of hers, who led Julie Carr by the arm, saying, “let’s go, let’s go…”.

As they were leaving, Julie Carr hauled out and kicked my violin case hard, throwing the contents, the busking money, all over the sidewalk and street. She turned to me and oozed sarcasm with:

oh I am soooo sorry…

When I called the RCMP on this matter, two officers showed up with two big police cruisers blocking the area in front of my home. The cop station is right next door and they could just as well have strolled over and rang the doorbell. The first thing I said to them was,

That’s a really good show you are putting on here with your two great big marked cruisers, demonstrating to the whole neighbourhood what a dangerous criminal lives here!

The female officer:

We are not here to discuss our parking practices.

While I made the complaint about the Julie Carr incident, Constable Theriault told me they have another matter to discuss with me. She handed me a violation ticket for an alleged trespass that I made six weeks earlier! I called the RCMP officer out for this “Tit for Tat” manoeuvre!

Remember the photocopy shop story? That was back in January. There never was a court order, there never was a piece of paper or anything formal that said I was banned from entering the shop forever. There was a phone call from the RCMP explaining to me that once the shop keeper tells me to leave then I am trespassing if I do not leave. Fine. That was then.

I was working for the fruit vendor at the summer market in early July when I was asked to make 10 copies of the price list. The first place I went to wanted to charge an-arm-and-a-leg for the copies, so I went to the 3 Sheets Shop. Doors were unlocked, I entered but all was dark and quiet.

Anyone here? Hello?


Half an hour later I returned. Sonja the shop owner’s jaw dropped upon seeing me. I first informed her about the open doors, thinking she might appreciate knowing that whoever closed shop the night before forgot to lock the doors and that they could have been robbed blindly. She seemed oblivious. Next I showed her the fruit list that I wanted copied but she remained obstinately hostile to my presence. We exchanged a few words, perhaps a little bit of comedic sarcasm on my part, and I left. Later she visited the fruit stand and complained to my boss. Evidently she also called the RCMP – which I was to find out 6 weeks later, with the violation ticket.

Two days after the Julie Carr incident and my complaint, the constable left me a telephone message that there would be no charges laid against Miss Carr. If I had any questions I should call them. I did call them, was put on voice mail, asked my questions, but I never heard back from the constable.

Every complaint I have made during the last three years has resulted in zero action by the RCMP.  Yet, one little peep from the real perpetrators of hate, and charges against me are the result.

I of course had no intention to pay the $287 trespass violation ticket, nor would I have paid even a $1 fine! So we went to court on October 10th, and my representative Frank Frost said “let’s go to trial”. They set the date for December 12th, the same date as another trial regarding “a disturbance”. Bring it on, we say. They have nothing.

Stay tuned. Life is never boring!