Nationalism & Liberalism CANNOT CO-EXIST! My Best Jewish friend HATED Afrikaner Nationalism!!

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[One of my readers made some interesting comments about this. The path forward for whites is Pan European Nationalism. I've not said much about it, but I view it as a critical path. I see "White Globalism" if you will, as the path. But the proper term is Pan European Nationalism. Jan]

This is what Augur Mayson wrote in a comment on one of my sites:

It is very refreshing and uplifting to hear a White person who really gets it, who understands the issues, the pieces on the board, who is moving those pieces around, who sees the same plays being used against our people in multiple countries, to see the way the media and the legal system and the legislatures work together to push things always to the left, always the same direction, and yet never ever in reverse, always toward communism, toward globalism, but never ever back toward nationalism. And yet they keep doing it successfully. I think that’s because Whites have always looked at nationalism in a myopic sense, only on the level of one nation-state, whereas our foe prevails again and again because that foe’s view of their own ethnic/racial interest is global. Hence they can bring to bear their considerable influence in multiple countries to crush any opposition Whites might muster in any one country at any one time. And as you so keenly point out, even their specific pro paganda points are consistent worldwide, for example as you say the term racist is only ever applied by the state and media to Whites. The consistency of our foes methods should be enough to make nearly self-evident to brainwashed White folks that we’re all facing a slow boil death, much faster in places like South Africa, but still proceeding in the same direction in all our countries. Sadly liberalism and communism and other forms of ideology thrust upon us have numbed our abilities to apply critical thinking and so it’s very encouraging to me to see that there is at least one other person in the world who understands the problem, tries to explain it to others, who knows what’s in store for us because he’s seen it happen already, and what’s more who has a vision, bleak yet realistic, of what Whites should be thinking about doing to further our own interests.

Everybody who follows me should listen to this whole thing from start to finish. A couple times you may find yourse lf saying, "Hey now! You can’t say that!" "Did he just say that?" But listen, that’s what’s required. It’s also the only avenue left to us. As an American I think White nationalism, true race-based not just single-country-ethnic-nationalism, is the way out philosophically and it makes sense to me that White South Africans would be another logical place for White nationalism to take root. Our brothers in Europe, some of them are resistant to it because they want their own niche regional ethnic variants of nationalism, but that didn’t work out in WWII very well and all historically White nations are worse off today in terms of being able to make similar pushes to stand up to these forces arrayed against us. White nationalism should be the logical way for us to form up. We rise worldwide as a race or we die worldwide as a race.

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