UK: Nick Griffin conservative attacks Daily Stormer’s White Sharia – My Comments on White Men & White Women


[Nick Griffin I think was once the head of the kickass BNP but they went backwards and many people blamed Nick as the cause of this. There are many people who don’t like him. I don’t like The Daily Stormer’s White Sharia idea. We are not Muslims and we don’t need to treat women the way the Muslims do. Our culture has other better values. The women LOVED the NAZI party and they had the vote since 1919 and voted for it. I like the natural approach to life that NAZISM represents. Also, our culture at its peak was a MANLY culture and men did call the shots, but they did not have to stone women to death or behave in a nasty way towards women. The young white males which DS represents are probably EXTREMELY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED and I can understand that. Adolf Hitler himself may have been the original MGTOW (Men going their own way). But he never treated women badly, and the Germans as men never treated their women badly.

The Romans whom I have the utmost respect for were the most male dominated society in history and women were not allowed into politics. But you won’t find the Romans treating the women badly. My view therefore is: That when men are manly, the women will like it and they will willingly submit and follow such men, just as Eva followed Adolf Hitler to his death, just as Goebbels’ wife died with him. I did put out an article some time back about how in our race men and women are the most physically divergent of all the races. This must be the result of our evolution and its worked for us that women were feminine and men were manly. I have always felt that for men and women to get along better and to have that desire to be together it is better if the men and women are as DIFFERENT as possible. I think it is merely the result of white teamwork. The women looked after the house and children and the men did the work and the fighting. Its a system we MUST return to.

I do believe that for us as a race, a male dominated society is the best. Its worked for us massively and we are in greater need for it than ever. Napoleon ensured that his legal system made the father the boss and the father was also held responsible for what happened. If we want to have a manly society we must also give the men the place and mechanisms whereby they can carry out their duties and grow as men – mentally and physically. Our society is a society of TEAMWORK. The men do the manly stuff, the women do the womenly stuff. That is the way we always were and it works great for us. In videos in time to come I’ll discuss the male/female role and the various forms these things took for us and how it worked in other societies.

I reiterate that we have nothing to learn from the Muslims or other races in this regard. The best place to look and learn is from our past history.

I do understand the sexual frustration that must be driving the young white guys almost insane and they are thus driven to almost hating women. We can solve this in a manly, white racial fashion.

I’m not a particular fan of Nick because the BNP seemed to me the best thing in the UK, created by John Tyndall whom I have great respect for and it was rocking and rolling when Nick got it. Below is an article a supporter sent me. Jan]

Here is the link to what Nick Griffin wrote:

4 thoughts on “UK: Nick Griffin conservative attacks Daily Stormer’s White Sharia – My Comments on White Men & White Women

  • 18th March 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Griffin’s father was a 33degree Freemason.
    Griffin embezzled BNP funds according to David Yorkshire (Mjornir Magazine)who was a member at the same time.
    He’s a slimy one that Griffin, hard to trust him but his speech in the EU about the jews was phenomenal.

    • 22nd March 2018 at 2:15 am

      Did he speak about the Jews at the EU? I’d love to see/hear it.

      Many people don’t like him. I’m wary of him myself.

  • 17th March 2018 at 7:06 am

    Very well explained. It would also be very helpful for men to love women of their own country enough to seriously divert them from going on a destructive path in their lives, from alternate lifestyle to career driven and material existences. By offering them something more appealing, and by promoting the opportunity to be wives and mothers in a way that can’t be resisted , (against competition of media and schools promoting other things for women) men might do a lot to save their own people. One powerful way of changing things is to say something about it and say it often, at every opportunity.

    • 22nd March 2018 at 2:13 am

      Hi Lydia,
      Glad to see you come to my website and find some use in it! Thank you for the comments. Much appreciated.


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