Why did the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappear without trace? – What of the Israel link?


[Some conversations from my readers. What people need to keep in mind is that Malaysia is a Muslim country. They have 200 million people and they hate Israel!! I could be wrong, but I think 2 Malaysian planes were lost in those years, this being one of them, and this disappearance being the worst.  I can't remember exactly what I wrote back then, but I think I even entertained the notion that the flight had been hijacked and that it flew and landed somewhere else. But the key here is the MALAYSIAN Vs ISRAEL connection! Why were Malaysian planes disappearing. I think there was another too even before this one. Jan]

This is what readers were debating:-

3:39 p.m., Sunday Nov. 22

Kurtpanzermeyer: wrote:

Explain why the Australian RAAF spent millions searching for MH370 if the above was true, unless of course they’re going along with the script.


4:02 p.m., Sunday Nov. 22

Jimi James LaMont wrote:

All JEWSMEDIA propaganda !

MH370 disappeared because it was rerouted and cloaked ! Nobody is ACTUALLY looking for it in reality but the gullible public has to be fed something.

Electronic Transponders are highly sensitive and the systems are in shock proof cases and are water proof. They are energized by enclosed batteries that have sufficient power to last hundreds of years under normal operating conditions. ( I have been told)…that these transponders emit a signal that can be detected by the satellite grids all over the world. Even under miles of water they can be detected via satellite.

The only way to block the signal is to artificially cloak the item in a electronic shielded enclosure. This is per an Engineer who works for AT&T. The signal emitted contains ID code info. The know what transponder goes to what.

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