White Americans would have FOUGHT for Donald Trump … but he was too weak…

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[Alex Linder has also mentioned that Whites would have poured in to follow Trump and to tear down the system if he had led them. I agree. Below is what one of my readers wrote. I believe that our people are getting ever more sick and tired by the filthy shenanigans of our enemies. I have also said to some Whites that WE ARE A MIGHTY RACE and we must NOT accept the crumbs thrown at our feet by Elite scum. Here in Africa, when the Blacks were trained by Russians, Chinese and Jews, THEY WERE TOTALLY UNREASONABLE. They were utterly unreasonable in every conceivable way. They demanded impossible things – things that would not work for them – but they killed, smashed and burned things down until they got what they wanted – even when they had no idea what to do with it. It is so sad that Trump is so weak. But, it does not matter, if he is too weak, the movement must just move forward. Jan]

This is what an angry White lady wrote:

I Believe We American’s Would BLAST Every communist jew WHORE to HELL and Bulldoze the holding place that has MR. ASSANGE in a cage here …….. True We American Nationalist’s Are disorganized But to SAVE a HERO WE WILL KILL…….. American’s Would do the same for President Trump But Trump "drained the swamp of American Nationalist’s" and Couldn’t Possibly Do Anymore for the SNEAKY asia MINOR Nigroid jew’z in PALESTINE …….. President Trump seemed to LOVE seeing American’s Hearts Being Broken placing Trump in the same with the Insatiable jew WHORE’Z I Believe President Trump may stay in The jew Riddled WHITE HOUSE regardless of being USED and then KICKED in his ASS to the curb as the "chosen one" and President Trump Should TRY to LEARN the job as President of AMERICA but if he leaves the WHITE HOUSE january 20th 2021, Trump nor his family WILL EVER be Accepted as anything But Evil Ugly jew’z ……..

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