Donation issues – Was it Paypal? No! – It was BRITAIN FIRST … VERY ANGRY Email to me…

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I posted an article the other day from a man who was really angry. It had to do with donations and he said to me that money had been removed from his account and he would not give another cent! I told him that I have no access to anyone’s bank account and that a long time ago (3 years ago), when I still had a paypal account I had a handful of people donating a small monthly amount to me. But paypal had shut down all my accounts and even seized a bunch of money (from the sale of my book Government by Deception) and Paypal has held that money for over 2 years. If I could have sued paypal, let me tell you, I’d be the first person in line to sue these sons of whores I tell you. Paypal is such a scummy company.

Anyway, the man was very angry and said he would send me his bank statements because money is being removed from his account and he’s had enough!

In subsequent emails, he then asked me if I was from Britain First? When he realised that I am not Britain First … then he realised that his anger at me was for nothing!

So that is really what it was all about.

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