What a key Communist of the Communist Party USA told Tom Metzger about Race

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In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

[Tom Metzger tweeted this short message which is important. This shows that the Jewish agenda and the communist party agenda are one and the same. The Communist Party of the USA is active, just like the South African Communist Party is. NEVER ignore them because you think they are “small”. They don’t win elections. They have other work they do behind the scenes that is very important. Jan]

Here is Tom’s message:

Leonard Patterson was the 1940s communist longshore head buster. He told me that the primary job of the Communist Party USA was mostly to promote race mixing. The Communist Party used to set up interracial sex parties back in the day. For the most part Communist Party today is represented by the so-called progressives. Forget liberal. I think they’re all dead

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