2 Videos: Dementia Joe: Alarming: Biden ends speech by handshaking air, talking to flag behind him

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[This is crazy. Joe the anti-White communist, is looking pretty bad. He looks old and lost. Also, when he walks away from the podium, I see that his audience was all Blacks, and they're playing an American tune. I must tell you, this does NOT look like AMERICA to me. It looks Third world. Jews are responsible for this garbage. Jan]

Here’s the link where the 2 videos are: https://saraacarter.com/alarming-biden-ends-speech-by-handshaking-air-talking-to-flag-behind-him/?utm_source=jeeng

Americans aren’t laughing. Even President Joe Biden’s biggest critics are legitimately concerned about the mental acuity of the leader of the free world.

While in Greensboro, North Carolina on Thursday night, President Joe Biden finished his speech in an alarming manner.

After coming to a mumbling end, Biden turns as if he is reaching out to shake someone’s hand; there is no one there. After a pause, he turns his back to the audience and pauses again, appearing to be very confused.

Another clip posted by The Daily Caller News Foundation notes that it appears Biden is “talking to the flag hanging behind him.”

Many twitter users simply begged the question “is he ok?” Some users alluded to legitimate elder abuse because no handlers or anyone on his staff was at his side to guide him. Others, simply are scared that this discombobulated man is in charge of the United States.

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