Vitamin C cures Covid … the China Flu – What WHO, Dr Fauci & the Global Elite “Health experts” deny


[I'm absolutely sure this is right. I've said all along, Vitamin D and Vitamin C is all you need. This is not rocket science. This whole COVID business is a big scam, a load of nonsense. Jan]

Sent: 11/18/20

How are people going to deal with the fact their loved ones died of "covid", when they find out the WHO, Dr Fauci, and all the global elite "health" experts, as well as the fact checkers at Facebook and Google, say that Vit C doesn’t work, when these doctors reports and studies have proven over 35 years it’s the cure? Maybe it will wake more people up that they need to take their health into their own hands, I’m prayin’. The documentation is indisputable.

Graphs that show covid went sky high when they started demanding mask wearing…proving that masks are the cause of sickness.

If you haven’t seen this new Sasha Stone "Something fishy going on" –these 4 leaders don’t waste any words to get down to it, more undisputable info:

Thanks to my friends for sharing this info with me! I appreciate all of you that are fighting the good fight to stay grounded and centered in the eye of the storm. I love my tribe! Have a splendid day on this beautiful earth and nature that continues to feed and bless us regardless of what’s going on!

Thanks for being you!

Sue Tjernlund

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