Learn from Canadians: Don’t let them control your children…

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[This is the result of communism, Jews and Liberalism. Jan]

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For nearly two years we’ve been covering the story of a BC father who has been gagged and pushed out of the role of being a parent by trans activist lawyers in a groundbreaking case that they have been hoping would not garner any unwanted attention from upset Canadians…today this father is taking a bold stand by saying enough is enough, my name is Rob Hoogland and this is my story! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth sits down with Rob Hoogland to speak about what has been happening to his daughter at the hands of the state, how he as a parent has been completely shut out of being involved in life altering decisions for his child and what other parents out there need to know about the trans agenda currently effecting children in Canada.

Here is the link:


Best advice we, mothers and fathers who are observing this, can give you is to not put your children into the school system or take your children out of school system if they are in there. Schools have become indoctrination centers. They are no longer education centers.

Protect your children.

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