Video & Audio: S.Africa’s 2nd Last (Boer) President: PW Botha’s Last Public Interview (2006)

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PW Botha is a Boer who became the 2nd last President under Apartheid. He was the man most responsible for the immense, first class military force known as the SADF. The SADF was the most powerful military force in all of Africa. He was ousted in a strange way by the Liberal traitor FW De Klerk who just handed over the country on a plate to the Black Communist ANC.

PW Botha was absolutely hated by the Liberal Mass Media. The Blacks in the ANC even put him on trial for not co-operating with the disgusting TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission). It was South Africa’s version of the Nuremburg Trials.

Some of the media even had firm rules to not interview him and they also often spread the lie that he was senile.

In January 2006, at the age of 90, he gave this last public interview. In it he says a number of important things.

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