Video: Trump lawyer: These charges are outrageous – My Analysis

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Video: God said: Exterminate the Blacks: The Harry Knoesen Story S.Africa
Lots of Whites say that Christians will never fight. Here is a story unlike any other. This is the strange story of the CRUSADERS, the (NCRM) National Christian Resistance Movement of South Africa. This was a Christian Racialist who had former SADF special forces, Recces with him. They wanted to seize back South Africa for WHITES! This took place in 2018 and 2019. We study what Harry did and the many strange twists and turns in this strange story.

[At a high level there are many laws, but often, people in high places start doing things that maybe go a bit over the edge, and as the years and decades go by it's accepted. It could be that there are things like that at work with Trump's situation. That others did the same things he did but nobody hassled with former presidents until now when Jewry and Liberals and Communists are working together. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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I‘ve decided to do an experiment to see if Trump‘s Truth Social actually works and how good it is. So I created an account on there. You can follow me at the link. It might be fun to try this out. I think Truth Social is perfect for people who are Conservatives and Christians. You may find it works fine. Let‘s see.

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