IMPORTANT: The Northern Front in the Ukraine War – Ukraine has opened a whole new battle front

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I have been following the Ukrainian counter offensive intensely, and was very surprised by the appearance of the so-called "Free Russians". These are really Russians who are fighting for Ukraine. In total they were about 5 battalions strong. They are 100% part of the Ukrainian Army, and supplied by them. But the Ukrainians are using these Russian forces as an excuse to actually fight inside Russian territory.

They conducted a number of cross-border raids into Russia, especially near the Belgorod region which is an important supply hub. I was amazed that they could survive inside Russia for 2 days on each occasion.

Make no mistake that the so-called Free Russians are 100% a part of the Ukrainian Army. And despite them claiming to have captured some vehicles during the fighting, they are also driving American Humvees.

The real game here was to cause the Russians morale and political problems. However, it appears to me that these Free Russians have been so successful that the Ukrainians are sending them in again and again into Russia.

The real problem for the Russians seems to be that the Russians have sucked so many of their forces into the fighting inside Ukraine that a very long border with Ukraine in the north is sitting without Russians. And because it is a border, the Russians never expected Ukraine to actually find a way to invade and attack them there.

But by using these so-called Free Russians, the Ukrainians are not saying that Ukraine is invading Russia. They are simply saying that Russians are coming back to free their homeland. These are all just political stories, but it has "International Legality" to it in some sense. The Russians themselves used these same tactics against Whites across southern Africa where they trained Blacks and armed them and then sent them back into Rhodesia, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique, etc. So the Ukrainians are playing the same game that the Russians used to play in Africa.

Anyhow, political talk aside, the real issue is the military value of this. The Free Russians have been fighting so well and are so well supported, probably by Ukrainian artillery, that these Free Russians are causing serious problems inside Russia on Russian territory.

They are even now proclaiming that there is going to be a Republic of Belgorod.

Belgorod has serious military value for Russia. It has been a hub of supplies for the Russian army during the entire war. So anything that starts messing with Belgorod is good for Ukraine.

The bottom line is that now the Russian army is even moving in with tanks and artillery and shelling their own villages and towns in order to fight this small army of so-called Free Russians.

What we are seeing, which I think is military genius, is the opening of an entire new front in the Ukraine war! Ukraine has a long border with Russia along the north. Note, the Russians originally INVADED UKRAINE FROM THIS SAME BORDER! Anyhow, this border seems to have been stripped of Russian forces during the war and the Russians became confident that Ukraine would never touch that border.

But now Ukraine is taking that entire border and turning it into a new battlefront.

The Russians are now being FORCED to suck troops out of Eastern Ukraine to rush to Russia to defend the border there. This will open up a lot of weaknesses for the Russians inside Ukraine.

This is a MASSIVE and IMPORTANT move … and it’s been done by a tiny force.

This is a stroke of military genius, and this is going to cause Putin serious headaches.

A most astounding development has been that Russians inside Russia have been looting their own villages due to this chaos, and a totally bizarre outcome has been that the Russian army is shelling their own people’s homes and villages in Russia!

This is because the Russian Army is not that high quality, and they resort to artillery.

This is an astounding development.

And the Ukrainian Armoured fist of 9 tank brigades has still NOT gone into action in the counter offensive! So the main Ukrainian armoured fist is sitting and waiting for the right moment to strike.

It’s going to be a wild summer!

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