Video: Many plots to kill President Zuma; also: Mugabe, Israel & Jews

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I started out analysing a recent plot to kill President Zuma of South Africa. While the lying MSM mention the plot to kill Zuma, only some of them mention a second plot to kill blacks who were enabling “White Monopoly Capitalists” in South Africa! This is a case of Whites being seen as evil when in fact its the Jews who are the monopoly capitalists. I also uncovered other things I had forgotten about from the time before I was Jew-wise. Upon closer examination we see “white” Jews conspiring with blacks to destroy Zuma in 2005 and how it all got out into the MSM and EVERYONE managed to LIE their way out of it!!! (That’s my analysis). This also shows how the Jews lost control of the Presidents of South Africa – which is the real reason the Jews and globalists are after Zuma.

I analyse the story which includes a letter to the Jew billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer for R60 million to kill Zuma and several others along with a letter to kill blacks who enabled “white monopoly capital”. I also analyse old stories claiming there were plots to kill Zuma as well as the so-called “hoax ANC emails” from before Zuma became president. I also mention the rigged 2013 election in Zimbabwe and a claim that Robert Mugabe wanted to kill Zuma.

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