The White Right Wing: We need our own Spy Agency & Intelligence Servies… and more…


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One thing we in the white right need is our own Intelligence service. I am finding this to be an ongoing requirement. But I’ve sort of got a bit of a hodge-podge network of my own going which comes in handy. However, with this criminal threat that came my way from you-know-who, I have found the need to dig even more into matters.

There have been twists and turns in what is happening, and I’m finding that one needs to know who one is dealing with even in the right wing. We need to be able to get data on people, and on people who might be traitors or people who might be enemies.

A proper intelligence network is crucial.

I have had people also come and go, who could do certain research and then they disappeared. I’m thinking especially of one American guy.

But as a rule, we need to be able to find people, identity people, check up on people, etc.

A spy network and our own "protection services" are two things we need.

From my side, I’ve been thinking of a spy/intelligence network for long and have been trying, in small ways to build up such a thing so that I can know what is going on when I deal with certain people.

Like I say, I’ve found this more important now than ever before. But I am also learning during this process, along with legal stuff.

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