Video: Jews pushing Multiracialism BIG TIME: The Weird Superbowl Half time Show – My Comments

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In this video we look at Apartheid in its proper context. Was Apartheid really intended to be VIOLENT? Were the Whites trigger-happy and keen to just slaughter Blacks in great massacres? Is the new South Africa more peaceful than under White rule?

One of my European readers, whose a Christian asked me to take a look at the weird Super Bowl HalfTime show and she wanted my comments. You can watch it here:

My Christian supporter thought that there was a lot of Satanic imagery in it. I browsed through the entire show just jumping from one spot to another to get a feel for what the show was looking like.

Indeed, I can see where my supporter is seeing the Satanic type of symbolism. Normally, I have quite a respect for American professionalism, but I must tell you, this show was really garbage. I did not bother to listen too much to the non-White singing it. I could not make out any english words in it. I did not like the music or anything about it. I was quite astounded that such a load of crap would be shown to a mass audience of Americans. I did a quick search and found that they paid $7 million for this piece of crap show that lasted 14 minutes. Heck, that thing isn’t worth 70c. But this does not surprise me. Jews pay enormous amounts of money to Blacks to make them look good and successful.

I have no idea who the idiot was who sang, but truly, he doesn’t look like an American to me. I think he is some kind of "big time" "start" – highly talented, blah blah.

Apart from the weird creepy setup, for this stupid show, I must say, the Jews are laying on the Multiculturalism on THICK!!! They are shoving and ramming multiculturalism down your throats for all they’re worth. They are trying to get Whites to get ever more used to seeing "successful" Blacks earning more than them, and having them look up to these people.

All of this nonsense comes back to Business and Trading, and where that ultimately leads a country. Whites everywhere are FOOLED BY MONEY and when vast amounts of money flow into an economy Whites assume that this is valid and logical and real. It never enters their heads that this is being FAKED by Jews who are manipulating your entire society.

Here in South Africa, even before I came to SA, half of our family living here, were all obsessed with MONEY. Everything in life was about MONEY. Nowadays, when I look around me, and when most of the South African portion of my family are all dead, I look at how things ended for them. Truly, my family in South Africa were not in any way ready or prepared for how things ended in this country. Ironically, the Rhodesian portion of the family, those of us who came here with almost nothing, and who were highly skeptical about the future – we survived much better actually.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY MONEY AND ECONOMICS. It is a BIG JEWISH SCAM. Economics, and "free market economics" and "free markets" and all these things are BIG SCAMS. I used to sincerely believe in Economic theory and capitalism, but I don’t any more.

WHEN PEOPLE GET VERY RICH, and they have to be intertwined with the Jews in order to get rich … then you’ll see that a whole different culture prevails, and also that the SUPER RICH begin having agendas of their own. These Jewish Globalists are DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS.

If I had not watched that stupid Super Bowl show with my own eyes I would not have believed the USA had sunk so low. But keep in mind that this comes from THE MONEY POWER. Jews at work, and Jews are busy taking the standards down, lowering the standards and quietly REMOVING WHITE POWER.

You are dealing with a weird creepy enemy who behaves in very strange ways.

To me the show was horrible, and I could hardly bear to listen to any part of it for even 5 seconds. THAT ENTIRE SHOW IS MERELY STUFF BEING RAMMED DOWN THE THROATS OF WHITE AMERICANS to prepare you for the future.

Your country and your future is being stolen from right under your feet.

I used to be a deep and sincere believer in Capitalism and the Free Market Economy, etc. Nowadays I think its all a load of crap, and that Hitler’s National Socialism IS THE ONLY SANE WAY TO RUN A COUNTRY. Remember, Germany was still capitalist and full of big and small businesses, but the Government laid down all the rules and ensured that the economy WORKED FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE MASSES OF WHITE PEOPLE.

Jewish economics is VERY DANGEROUS. These people take money and they use it for social and political control and they can create a revolution and bloodshed in your midst.


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