WARNING: When Writing to Matt Hale in jail…


[One of my supporters sent this note. Its good to remember that you can't call him Reverend or Rev and you can't mention the Church of Creativity. They censor those letters. Jan]

The reader wrote:
Thank you for always posting about Matt Hale and his struggle for freedom, i had a letter from Matt yesterday regarding his email account and i also spoke with his mother. please remind your readers to use care in addressing Matt by email or post office letter.Using,"Rev.,"or any mention of the Church of Creator. Is a big problem and will cause Your letter to be sent back,but more importantly, cause big trouble for Matt. You must be very careful what you write and what you say. Its unfortunate, but just the way it is.More info to be found on the "FreeMatt Hale" web site.Thank you again for mentioning Matt and his cause and keep up the good work, excellent job with your website.

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