Video: How America built UFOs

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This video is about military secrecy. We study a documentary from 2011 when a lot of Area 51 information was declassified and when some people, including a high level CIA official were allowed to speak.

I discuss my time when I was young when I was in the South African Navy and I handled Secret and Top Secret files and how these things work in real life. I was not supposed to open the files and I never did, but eventually curiosity overcame me and one day I snuck off with some files and I quietly opened them, read them and stapled them back together.

People do not understand the POWER of military secrecy. 99.9% of what the world’s military forces do won’t ever get out.

In this case we look at the source of most of the UFO sightings in the USA and how this came about. What’s in here will surprise you, but this is how the world actually works. The most fascinating part of this documentary is how it came to be that airline pilots and passengers openly spoke of seeing UFOs and why they testified to this.

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