EXCELLENT: Anothe Pro-White Portal for us!!!


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Folks, this concept of a portal to drive traffic to all of us works.
A Long time ago, in the very early days of the internet there was a concept called a "Web Ring".

It was a way that a group of websites could drive traffic to each other. I have thought it is a great concept and it can be done nicely, with a little bit of software that everyone can use. It’s something I could easily write and share if people wanted it.

I also thought some kind of advertising for ourselves, again to share among us, could work.

On my websites for 2 days I’ve noticed traffic coming in from yet another portal. This ones even nicer. If we could have more such things, they can help to get traffic to us that bypasses those Jew-censored search engines! There are so many things we can do, with quite a lot of ease, to bypass Jewish/Liberal censorship.

So go and check out Pro-White.net – here’s the URL: http://pro-white.net/

If we could just build our own networks, even small, simple ones, you would see how we could catch traffic and drive traffic between ourselves … sort of like creating a "White Racial Net" … like a fishing net in the sea … Between us we could make it easy for folks to move from one site to another and for us to function as a wider team.

One website which drives traffic to me that I am most grateful for is Occidental Dissent.

We are not nothing … we can do this. If more folks threw together even simple portals and simple software and ran small sites that cost little and used few resources, you’d see what we can do.

So check this one out. It’s a bit nicer than the other one. But they all make things happen and I can see the results. Use the software to be our "robots" to do things for us … you’ll be amazed what is possible.

Look also at how many of us have bypassed YOUTUBE BANNING. You can ban us, but we’re not stupid and we’re functioning without their stupid software. My website and Renegade Tribune must have been among the first to have our own video/audio platforms and we’re functioning fine. So what if Twitter and Youtube banned us!

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