Video: AWESOME! American NAZI at city council meeting talks about Jews & does NAZI salute!!

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100 Reasons the Jew Leo Frank Is Guilty of murdering the White Girl Mary Phagan
The Jews will never stop lying about and defending the filthy Jew Leo Frank. He raped and murdered this lovely young White girl. The White Americans, to their credit LYNCHED him hanged him from a tree. It was a wonderful example of Whites hitting back.

[This is just amazing. This White guy knows his legal rights and he told them that if they want to fight him in court, he will take them on. I love the way this White guy said what needed to be said about the filthy kike Jews and the Jewish terrorist organisation known as the ADL. He ended with a NAZI salute and he said "White Power". It is AWESOME!!!! This is fantastic. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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