Video: America is burning again: Race Riots are back … AFTER TRUMP – My Comments

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Video: Professor Quigley: The Jewish Rothschilds and the History of Banking and Money
Professor Quigley was hated by the White Right in the 1960s. The bulk of this video is 40 pages specially removed from his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, which deal with the Jewish Rothschilds, banking and Whites and Jews who played a big role in capitalism.

[Do you remember all the stories that were told about how, if Trump was re-elected, that these riots would continue? In a very big way, that was nothing more than INTIMIDATION … if you vote for Trump … we'll burn the country down. Well… it's all back now despite the shitbag Biden getting in hey? Gingrich makes some points that are good, but he avoids the race issue, pretending that the Blacks are the main victims, etc. As long as Whites keep dodging the race card, we're not going to go anywhere. All Whites, across the planet will have to learn to face RACE head on in the same way that all Whites will have to learn to face the Jewish issue too. All these things are shades of South Africa. We had endless violence, not for days or weeks … but for DECADES. These things never stop. Race is real, and there are people playing and manipulating the race card and Whites are spending too much time ducking and diving the issues. We need to face reality head on. Jan]

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S.Africa: Survey: Its not unusual for married Black men to have sex with other men
In much of Africa sex with men is despised. But in S.Africa it‘s not. FORGET about the other woman a fair number of married men in South Africa are getting their kicks in secret with other men.

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