2 Videos: Mass Shooting: Black NFL player shoots 6 Whites dead – USA becomes like South Africa


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[One of the readers of my website sent me this horrific story which is like something that you would normally expect from here in South Africa. In this case a Black NFL player went and shot up 6 Whites. Nobody knows why. I'm wondering what the excuse will be. They say that the Black guy then later killed himself. It will be interesting to see what the Police later conclude. This is what multiculturalism leads to. Forget everything that Liberals told you. It's all nonsense. It is sad to see all these Whites dying for nothing. This is what we face as a race until we are sick and tired of the pain and the deaths. Jan]

Here are 2 short news videos about it:

While a motive for the Rock Hill shooting remains unknown, Richard DeVayne breaks down the timeline we know now.


Another video:
Robert Shook, the sixth victim in the deadly shooting at the Rock Hill home of a prominent ER doctor, has died due to his injuries, according to the York County Coroner.


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