Video: From the Creativity Alliance: Russia is Run by Chabad Jews – Stop Putin me on, Russia is not the White Man’s Friend

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[This is from the Creativity Alliance. Here is a video that I've seen before where a Jew boasts about how Chabad Jews RUN RUSSIA and they do everything and they are the ADL of Russia. Putin is no friend of the White race. Anyone who believes the fiction that Putin is the saviour of the White Race, is fooling himself. I've raised and show the CLOSE TIES between Putin and the Jews many times before. Putin is CLOSE TO JEWS. Putin has HIS JEWS. Those Jews run his economy. Jan]

This is from Creativity:
Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Tue 02 Apr 2013
In Russia, Proposed Law Would Criminalize ‘Holocaust Denial’

This is hypocritical considering that the Russians killed 7.5 million Ukrainians during the Holodomor when they dropped bombs containing toxic waste on Ukrainian farms and ranches to destroy the food supply and contaminate the soil in order to prevent the replanting of crops and animal feed such as grass. The Russians also dropped these toxic waste bombs on Ukranian towns and cities in order to kill the people by contaminating them with the toxic waste.

And yet the leftists always like to portray themselves as the heroes in World War 2.

It is Israel that should have toxic waste bombs dropped on it!


White Power!

The actual video is on World Truth Videos here:

And the video and the above text is at the Creativity Source link below:


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