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As a result of the video I put out recently, which is the full audio book of Ben Klassen’s autobiography, someone has been able to put me directly in touch with the Creativity Alliance and with one of it’s reverends who knew Ben Klassen personally.

There are a few men still alive who knew Ben Klassen PERSONALLY and I want to see what info I can get out of them.

There are all kinds of Whites in Creativity including skinheads, etc. The bottom line is this: All people of European descent must stick together. We must have respect for each other and work together.

I’ve noticed a certain snobbishness among Whites in various countries where Whites look down on each other. We must never be like this. We must embrace ALL our people, and whatever is WRONG, must be fixed.

NOBODY IS PERFECT. I REPEAT: NO WHITES ARE PERFECT. Nobody can walk around with a holier-than-thou attitude. We all have weaknesses, faults and foibles. Ben Klassen had his weaknesses too. EVERYONE has some weakness.

But, when we unite AS TEAM – WE KICK ASS. We kick serious ass.

All that matters is how hard we work, and what we can contribute to our team.

Blood is all that matters. That was also Hitler’s core message. Hitler fixed EVERYONE and dealt with EVERYONE and that is how we must be.

You will see that our many DIFFERENCES and SKILLS can be turned into STRENGTHS when we use it for the RACE BENEFIT.

I don’t worry about someone’s past. Everyone has made mistakes. The point is to work together, to ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER.


Ben Klassen’s idea of a religion for our race, was a brilliant idea. I think about it a lot and I think it’s the greatest work since Hitler himself.

This thing has the ability to be turned into something awesome one day.

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