Video & Audio: WHITE NEWS: Whites EVERYWHERE are AWESOME once they know the TRUTH!


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My trip to the USA and Canada just firmly reinforced my view that once whites can break out of the Jewish lies, and see the raw truth, that in fact whites are awesome and divisions are very few.

I am so impressed with “our” social media like Alex Linder’s and that I wanted to show people, especially the older people, and most especially the older white folks in South Africa, just how many whites are awake and are doing their utmost to spread the message of the truth.

So I took over 40 screen shots from the true social media that reflects how we feel and think and I want people to see how awesome it is.

I also discuss the fake Jewish/Liberal concept from when I was a kid, wherein it was stated that there is a “generation gap”. Well, that is nonsense. The young and the old can hang out together and enjoy each other’s company and can chat about important things that face us as a race.

It is really incredible.

The only time I really burst out laughing is when I go to our social media and I see the fun and awesome things other whites are doing – young and old – and then I know that we definitely have a bright future together because we’re going to stick together and fight for what is really important!

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