Video: 20% of the Rich left: The Rich and Super Rich are LEAVING SOUTH AFRICA! – This is excellent


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[I used to feel sad when the Rich and the Super Rich left, and I always felt it was bad and sad when the rich left. But I've seen what the Rich do, and I have developed a real contempt for them. The Rich and Super Rich never help the Whites and never stand by their own people. They look out for themselves only. They hobnob with the Jews and they hobnob with the enemy. They love their cheap Black labour. They won't save South Africa, and they definitely won't save the Whites. They keep the Blacks from collapsing. I have contempt for them and they will leave the common White man to DIE. I don't give a crap about them. Let them leave, the common Whites will save themselves ANYWAY. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Some Black tribes engage in ritual circumcision. (Sometimes the Black boys even die!!). It turns out that another side effect was spreading AIDS!

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